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Cooking Healthy Food

The video template will help you to create a design for a healthy cooking and culinary show. Includes many separate,high-resolution vegetables and fruits. Perfect for TV, YouTube channel, website. Modern bright design template allows you to beautifully present the recipe for any dish. Template is prepared in such a way that the process of adding recipes and cooking videos, was simple and easy.


  • more than 90 different food images
  • Easy change Size and Position
  • logo variations
  • Ready Social Branding
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • All objects are editable
  • You can change/delete/move any item

Some shots may not be included in the premiere Pro or Final Cut version.
Each version can have its own catalog. Check the description on the store by press

Included Animated Compositions

Openers ( 9 comps )

Shot 00.mp4
Shot 01.mp4
Shot 02.mp4
Shot 03.mp4
Shot 04.mp4
Shot 05.mp4
Shot 06.mp4
Shot 07.mp4

Recipe ( 3 comps )

Recipe Description.mp4
Recipe Ingredients.mp4
Recipe Instructions.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 2 comps )

Lowerthird 1.mp4
Lowerthird 2.mp4

Full Screen Titles ( 7 comps )

00 Full Screen Title.mp4
01 Full Screen Title.mp4
02 Full Screen Title.mp4
03 Full Screen Title.mp4
04 Full Screen Title.mp4
05 Full Screen Title.mp4
06 Full Screen Title.mp4

Logos ( 14 comps )

Logo 01.mp4
Logo 02.mp4
Logo 03.mp4
Logo 04.mp4
Logo 05.mp4
Logo 06.mp4
Logo 07.mp4
Logo 08.mp4
Logo 09.mp4
Logo 10.mp4
Logo 11.mp4
Logo 12.mp4
Logo 13.mp4
Logo 14.mp4

Transitions ( 5 comps )

01 Transition Logo.mp4
02 Transition Pepper.mp4
03 Transition Pomegranate.mp4
04 Transition Strawberry.mp4
05 Transition Tomato.mp4

Information ( 12 comps )

01 Boiling Time.mp4
02 Chef Tip.mp4
03 Did You Know.mp4
04 Keep In Mind.mp4
05 Pref Time.mp4
06 Serving Size.mp4
07 Temperature.mp4
08 Water Amount.mp4
09 Weight.mp4
10 Ingridients.mp4
11 Information Instructions.mp4
12 Information Recipe.mp4

Multi Screens ( 5 comps )

Multiscreen 1.mp4
Multiscreen 2.mp4
Multiscreen 3.mp4
Multiscreen 4.mp4
Multiscreen 5.mp4

Credits ( 3 comps )

End Credits Alpha.mp4
End Credits Full Screen.mp4
Social Networks Contacts.mp4