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Sale Promo Slideshow Pack for Final Cut

This is a great project for sale, presenting new products and announcing special discounts. You may advertise anything you want! This is a multi-purpose project for you to promote all kinds of goods: food, drinks, clothing, furniture, appliances, pictures and so on!


  • Easy change Size and Position
  • All compositions layered in After Effect
  • All objects are editable
  • You can change/delete/move any item

Included Animated Compositions

Shots ( 30 comps )

Style 01 1.mp4
Style 01 2.mp4
Style 02 1.mp4
Style 02 2.mp4
Style 03 1.mp4
Style 03 2.mp4
Style 04 1.mp4
Style 04 2.mp4
Style 05 1.mp4
Style 05 2.mp4
Style 06 1.mp4
Style 06 2.mp4
Style 07 1.mp4
Style 07 2.mp4
Style 08 1.mp4
Style 08 2.mp4
Style 09 1.mp4
Style 09 2.mp4
Style 10 1.mp4
Style 10 2.mp4
Style 11 1.mp4
Style 11 2.mp4
Style 12 1.mp4
Style 12 2.mp4
Style 13 1.mp4
Style 13 2.mp4
Style 14 1.mp4
Style 14 2.mp4
Style 15 1.mp4
Style 15 2.mp4

Titles ( 10 comps )

Title 01.mp4
Title 02.mp4
Title 03.mp4
Title 04.mp4
Title 05.mp4
Title 06.mp4
Title 07.mp4
Title 08.mp4
Title 09.mp4
Title 10.mp4

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