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Sport YouTube Channel

Great professional tool for Sport & Fitness Video. The template includes 50+ scenes that will satisfy all your needs. Openers, transitions, timers, elements lower thirds, geolocations, info-bars, social-media links, next episode, subscribe, typography compositions. This is a very convenient and smart tool for a blogger or video designer.


  • Includes 10 categories more then 60 ready compositions
  • Free updates & Support
  • All compositions layered in After Effect
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • All objects are editable
  • You can change/delete/move any item
  • Alpha IN and OUT
  • Essential Graphic Panel ready in Premiere Pro version

Included Animated Compositions

Opener ( 5 comps )

Opener Main.mp4
Opener 1.mp4
Opener 2.mp4
Opener 3.mp4
Opener 4.mp4

Typography ( 7 comps )

Typography 1.mp4
Typography 2.mp4
Typography 3.mp4
Typography 4.mp4
Typography 5.mp4
Typography 6.mp4
Typography 7.mp4

Transition ( 3 comps )

Transition 1.mp4
Transition 2.mp4
Transition 3.mp4

Social Media ( 5 comps )

Social Media 1.mp4
Social Media 2.mp4
Social Media 3.mp4
Social Media 4.mp4
Social Media 5.mp4

Timer ( 5 comps )

Timer 1.mp4
Timer 2.mp4
Timer 3.mp4
Timer 4.mp4
Timer 5.mp4

Next Episode ( 1 comps )

Next Epesode 1.mp4

Nutrilon ( 3 comps )

Nutrilon 1.mp4
Nutrilon 1 Short.mp4
Nutrilon 2.mp4

Info Bar ( 6 comps )

Info Bar 1.mp4
Info Bar 2.mp4
Info Bar 3.mp4
Info Bar 4.mp4
Info Bar 5.mp4
Info Bar 6.mp4

Subscribe ( 1 comps )

Subscribe 1.mp4

Lower Third ( 5 comps )

Lower Third 1.mp4
Lower Third 2.mp4
Lower Third 3.mp4
Lower Third 4.mp4
Lower Third 5.mp4

Geolocation ( 2 comps )

Geolocation 1.mp4
Geolocation 2.mp4

Elements ( 4 comps )

Elements 1.mp4
Elements 2.mp4
Elements 3 Pre.mp4
Elements 4 Pre.mp4