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Holography Stories for After Effects

Create your own awesome stories with Holographic Instastories Pack. Perfect solution for your social media feed. Just add your photo or video, change text and it is done! Authentic handmade backgrounds created by EasyEdit studio.


  • More than 1000 unique animated combinations.
  • Free updates & Support
  • All compositions layered in After Effect
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • All objects,texts are editable
  • You can change/delete/move any item
  • 1080x1920

Included Animated Compositions

01 Shots ( 60 comps )

shot 01.mp4
shot 02.mp4
shot 03.mp4
shot 04.mp4
shot 05.mp4
shot 06.mp4
shot 07.mp4
shot 08.mp4
shot 09.mp4
shot 10.mp4
shot 11.mp4
shot 12.mp4
shot 13.mp4
shot 14.mp4
shot 15.mp4
shot 16.mp4
shot 17.mp4
shot 18.mp4
shot 19.mp4
shot 20.mp4
shot 21.mp4
shot 22.mp4
shot 23.mp4
shot 24.mp4
shot 25.mp4
shot 26.mp4
shot 27.mp4
shot 28.mp4
shot 29.mp4
shot 30.mp4
shot 31.mp4
shot 32.mp4
shot 33.mp4
shot 34.mp4
shot 35.mp4
shot 36.mp4
shot 37.mp4
shot 38.mp4
shot 39.mp4
shot 40.mp4
shot 41.mp4
shot 42.mp4
shot 43.mp4
shot 44.mp4
shot 45.mp4
shot 46.mp4
shot 47.mp4
shot 48.mp4
shot 49.mp4
shot 50.mp4
shot 51.mp4
shot 52.mp4
shot 53.mp4
shot 54.mp4
shot 55.mp4
shot 56.mp4
shot 57.mp4
shot 58.mp4
transition 1.mp4
transition 2.mp4

02 Holographic Backgrounds ( 60 comps )

bg 1.mp4
bg 10.mp4
bg 11.mp4
bg 12.mp4
bg 13.mp4
bg 14.mp4
bg 15.mp4
bg 16.mp4
bg 17.mp4
bg 18.mp4
bg 19.mp4
bg 2.mp4
bg 20.mp4
bg 21.mp4
bg 22.mp4
bg 23.mp4
bg 24.mp4
bg 25.mp4
bg 26.mp4
bg 27.mp4
bg 28.mp4
bg 29.mp4
bg 3.mp4
bg 30.mp4
bg 31.mp4
bg 32.mp4
bg 33.mp4
bg 34.mp4
bg 35.mp4
bg 36.mp4
bg 37.mp4
bg 38.mp4
bg 39.mp4
bg 4.mp4
bg 40.mp4
bg 41.mp4
bg 42.mp4
bg 43.mp4
bg 44.mp4
bg 45.mp4
bg 46.mp4
bg 47.mp4
bg 48.mp4
bg 49.mp4
bg 5.mp4
bg 50.mp4
bg 51.mp4
bg 52.mp4
bg 53.mp4
bg 54.mp4
bg 55.mp4
bg 56.mp4
bg 57.mp4
bg 58.mp4
bg 59.mp4
bg 6.mp4
bg 60.mp4
bg 7.mp4
bg 8.mp4
bg 9.mp4


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