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Youtube Pack Magazine

Minimalistic, vibrant and lush YouTube Magazine Pack contains templates for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Ads and even more. It's stylish and eye-catching visual style is highly influenced by modern editorial design infused with a touch of timeless classics such as de Stijl and Bauhaus. The pack is versatile and can be used in a vast number of projects, covering themes like architecture, design, culture, fashion and art.


  • Includes Free extension EasyEdit Viewer
  • Easy change Size and Position
  • Free updates & Support
  • All compositions layered in After Effect
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • All objects are editable
  • You can change/delete/move any item
  • Alpha IN and OUT
  • Essential Graphic Panel ready

Included Animated Compositions

Openers ( 5 comps )

Opener 01.mp4
Opener 02.mp4
Opener 03.mp4
Opener 04.mp4
Opener 05.mp4

Titles ( 5 comps )

Title 01.mp4
Title 02.mp4
Title 03.mp4
Title 04.mp4
Title 05.mp4

Episodes ( 5 comps )

Episode 01.mp4
Episode 02.mp4
Episode 03.mp4
Episode 04.mp4
Episode 05.mp4

Content ( 11 comps )

Content 01.mp4
Content 010.mp4
Content 011.mp4
Content 02.mp4
Content 03.mp4
Content 04.mp4
Content 05.mp4
Content 06.mp4
Content 07.mp4
Content 08.mp4
Content 09.mp4

Subscribes ( 5 comps )

Subscribe 01.mp4
Subscribe 02.mp4
Subscribe 03.mp4
Subscribe 04.mp4
Subscribe 05.mp4

End Cards ( 6 comps )

End Card 01.mp4
End Card 02.mp4
End Card 03.mp4
End Card 04.mp4
End Card 05.mp4
End Card 06.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 5 comps )

Lower Third 01.mp4
Lower Third 02.mp4
Lower Third 03.mp4
Lower Third 04.mp4
Lower Third 05.mp4

Callout ( 10 comps )

Callout 01 Left.mp4
Callout 01 Right.mp4
Callout 02 Left.mp4
Callout 02 Right.mp4
Callout 03 Left.mp4
Callout 03 Right.mp4
Callout 04 Left.mp4
Callout 04 Right.mp4
Callout 05 Left.mp4
Callout 05 Right.mp4

Social Networks ( 5 comps )

Social Networks 01.mp4
Social Networks 02.mp4
Social Networks 03.mp4
Social Networks 04.mp4
Social Networks 05.mp4

Stories ( 8 comps )

Story 01.mp4
Story 02.mp4
Story 03.mp4
Story 04.mp4
Story 05.mp4
Story 06.mp4
Story 07.mp4
Story 08.mp4

Transitions ( 7 comps )

Transition 01.mp4
Transition 02.mp4
Transition 03.mp4
Transition 04.mp4
Transition 05.mp4
Transition 06.mp4
Transition 07.mp4

Elements ( 20 comps )

Arrow 1.mp4
Arrow 2.mp4
Arrow 3.mp4
Arrow 4.mp4
Background 01.mp4
Background 02.mp4
Background 03.mp4
Frame 1.mp4
Frame 2.mp4
Frame 3.mp4
Graphics 01.mp4
Graphics 02.mp4
Graphics 03.mp4
Intro 01.mp4
Intro 02.mp4
Intro 03.mp4
Text 01.mp4
Text 02.mp4
Text 03.mp4
Text 04.mp4

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