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Сreate animated logo without keyframes in After Effects

Hi editor! Welcome to our educational blog. There are several ways to create an animated logo or logo reveal - with keyframes or without. In case you have just started and need to create an animated logo, we have some good ideas for you. Templates would help you to make it in 4 fast and easy steps. 

Step 1 - Create a new composition

We want to demonstrate, how quickly you can edit, with pre-made shots, like the one we have here in Hyper. Create a new composition and set the settings:

Creating a new comp

Step 2 - Choose the template

Choose the template you need, by checking what's inside via the preview window:

Choosing the template

Step 3 - Adjust!

Change the background color:

Changing the background color

Change the color of the logo placeholder:

Change the color of logo placeholder

Flying elements:

Change the colors of flying elements

Change the text:

Add your text

Now let's add our logo - for this, go to the logo placeholder layer. Simply import your logo and drag it to the timeline:

Add your logo

You can also remove the background if needed. Before rendering, don't forget to add a sound to your Logo reveal. It makes your logo more alive and dynamic. You can select it from the sound FX library.

Adding Sound FX

After this, go to Composition>Adobe Media Encoder Queue Choose H.264 format. Don't forget to check the box “Use maximum render quality”. Name your video and click the render button!

That's all for today, so we see you in a week! To learn more, go to our blog and check on how to start in After Effects. As you know, our dedicated support team works 24/7 - you can always contact us if you have questions about editing our packs! Work in Premiere Pro? Go check our Pr tutorials

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