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Create Sound Design / Add Audio Effects in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial we'll find out how to make your video by using sound effects in Premiere Pro. The use of sound effects can dramatically increase the audience's reception of your video.  Add audio effects to your videos and make them way much cooler😜

For starters. How to mute audio in Premiere Pro?

Sound design is an art and can give you the practice of creating soundtracks for a wide variety of needs. Now we will deal with it on the example of the video presented on our Timeline. How does it work? Let's take a closer look: mute all audio except background music. 

Now let's add sounds to opening titles and transitions. It is also very important to overlay sounds according to what is happening on your frame. 

We see a coffee machine on the frame. Add the appropriate sound. Since it is happening in a coffee shop, we can add sounds from a noisy cafe. 

Use audio transitions to fade in the sound - now it can look more natural.

How to add transitions to your video in Pr?

Transitions are located in the Audio Tab > Audio Transition > Use Constant Power to fade in. You can also use these transitions to seamlessly stitch together audio tracks. 

Where to find sounds for sound design in Premiere Pro?

You can find a huge number of sounds on YouTube and other sourses. For example, let's find the sound of coffee beans - we immediately see a huge number of videos. Choose the one you want and download it using plugins. 

Also, Adobe has its own large collection of sounds. You can find it on the web. 

The easiest and fastest option for applying sounds to transitions, opening texts, effects, and more, is to use plugins for Premiere Pro. You can add sounds to such transitions in two clicks. It's fast and convenient. In this tutorial, we use Viewer from EasyEdit studio. It`s a free extension with thousands of templates inside. With help of the set of sounds in the extension, we can create many great animations with a sound. 

How do you add another audio track in Premiere Pro? 

For example, the animation here👇 consists of two steps. First, we add sound to the opening text. Second - we add voice to the movement - and it turned out nice. Add sound to the animation output. 

How do I adjust the volume of a track?

To change the volume, just increase it's level on the audio tracks. Right-click on the Fx icon > make sure Volume Level is selected. 

And then adjust it as you need. 

Voila! That`s all you need to know to create a sound design in Premiere Pro😊Just starting your way in Premiere Pro? We've got an article just for you.

Or maybe, you may want to check our channel with a bunch of Pr tutorials...

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