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How To Export High Quality Video For Instagram

Stop Letting Instagram Ruin Your Videos with this export settings

Have you ever think 'Why do my videos become poor quality when I upload them on Instagram? In this tutorial we will show you - How To Upload High Quality Video For Instagram with the best render settings in After Effects 2020 and other versions!

Step 1 - Create a new composition and Set video size

Create a new composition. Post 1:1 should be in the size 640x640 pixels.The maximum Frame Rate for Instagram Post is 30 frames per second. Let`s put 25.If you going to make 16:9 post then change the height to 360 pixels.In this tutorial we create a 4:5 post so we set the composition size to 640:800 pixels.

Step 2 - Set-up export settings

Add comp to render. Go to composition and add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue.Choose H.264 format. Check the box Render at Maximum Depth.Change level to 3.2. Change bitrate Encoding to VBR, 2 Pass.Set value 3 for Target Bitrate and 4 for Maximum Bitrate.Check the box to Use Maximum Render Quality.Estimated file size is 3 MG.

Step 3 - Export your Instagram video

Name your video. Click Render Button. And that`s all, your video is ready to upload to Instagram.

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Good luck, editor!

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