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How To Post HIGH Quality Videos On Instagram in 2022

Hi there! Let’s stop our Instagram from losing quality! We know how important it is for you to post material of the best quality to your socials – but sometimes the video of best quality is ruined for no reason. There is a range of cases why video or photo’s quality gets ruined after you already posted it to Instagram: It can be caused by unstable camera, downfall of network settings; application that wasn’t updated or your mobile data settings, affecting the quality of your Instagram posts and stories. Learn how to improve the quality of your videos or photos and keep your Stories sharp!

Uploading Instagram Video Post

  1.  Now Instagram supports videos with 60 fps – they look much more realistic and slow and the quality doesn’t drop significantly.
  2. The maximum File Size should be 100 MB(the size will vary for videos from 1080 to 4K)
  3. Perfect if your video has 4k resolution. Choose it in the Camera Settings on your phone.
4k resolution for better instagram quality
Film videos on 4K (and 60 fps)
4k resolution for better instagram quality
4k resolution
  1. Bitrate should be from 3500 kbps(3,5 Mbps) to 5000 kbps(5 Mbps). 5 mbps is recommended. The higher the bitrate, the better the quality – but the size is growing too.
  2. The frame sizes are like mentioned above.
  3. H.264 Codec. for the video compressing. You can edit your video in Premiere Pro, Final Cut or anything else – you should put H.264
  4. AAC Audio – is a lossy codec, just like mp3, but used as default by Itunes and most Apple programs. These audio settings are the most suitable for your video being posted to Instagram.
  5. Upload from the Instagram browser rather than the app.
high quality

pushpinIf you want to know precise exporting settings, check our article about exporting from After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCPX and Davinci Resolve.

Uploading Instagram Stories

Instagram compression is inconsistent. If you shoot an Instagram Story video by using your app, the dimensions will likely be 1080×1920 pixels, so you don’t have to resize it. Instagram Stories quality drops automatically after posting.

  1. The maximum File Size should be 50 MB
  2. Recommended image ratios 9:16
  3. Data format is H.264, H.265
  4. Recommended dimension is 1080×1920
  5. 4k at 60 fps

The original resolution of our camera is 2:3, which doesn’t suit our Instagram settings. It makes our video blurry, because doesn’t suit the resolution. Crop it on your phone before uploading and see a great difference. 

pushpinHere’s the example: we have a template with 9:16 resolution, which is correct for the Stories format. 

Instagram stories high quality
Autoscaling on Iphone

Despite this, filming the story via your phone camera will make quality better than filming it via the Instagram itself. But sometimes, if your video quality is very great, Instagram still can compress it in order to upload (make sure your internet connection is very strong).

Scaling quality

Please, make sure you don’t do this:

Quality of Instagram Stories
Don’t scale your Story

Don’t resize the video you’re posting. It may be convenient if you want to add something else to your story, but once you’ve moved it on the screen, it’s quality will be reduced after posting. It is much more convenient to use Premiere Pro or After Effects to design your Story – try it and you’ll see the difference. Especially, the difference in quality.

General Settings


Instagram dimensions in 2022
Instagram frame sizes

Frame size

  • 16:9 post: If you going to make 16:9 post then change the height to 360 pixels;
  • 1:1 post: should be in the size 640×640 pixels;
  • 4:5 post: we set the composition size to 640:800 pixels. These are the best dimensions settings – the video is meant for the Instagram, which is mobile app, so there’re vertical videos used mostly;
  • 9:16 post: Did you know that IGTV videos are now supported with much better quality than general video posts? 720 pixels video is supported to upload on IGTV. These dimensions look the most realistic. Also note that when IGTV or Instagram Live videos are displayed in the news feed, they’re cropped to an aspect ratio of 4:5. 
  • 1.91:1 post: There’s a Landscape dimension available – 1080×608 px. It’s beautiful, not very usual, and the quality of it can be much higher than other options.

App Settings

  1. Instagram automatically utilizes a lot of mobile data – before, to save the publication’s quality make sure Data Saver is off. Now, go to the Account>Data Usage>High-Quality Uploads. 
High-quality uploads on Instagram
Activate High-quality uploads

Also, keep the app updated – old app almost always have bugs and export settings are among them. Trust us – it’s works the same with editing software. 

Internet connection

Be connected to a good Wifi when posting a video. While you are uploading videos to Instagram under bad Internet connection, Instagram will automatically reduce the video quality in order to upload it. Try to connect your devices to a stable WIFI.

This are the desperate measures, but if nothing will help you can always reset your network. It also helps in many cases: go to Settings>General>Reset >Reset Network Settings. On Android you need to go Settings>Backup and reset>Reset Network Settings.

Transferring the file between apps

Making a video in 4k and compressing it will help your video to remain in a good quality. But don’t overdo with transferring it from one server to another. Best of all – transfer it via Google Drive or Airdrop.You can also reduce the quality by using many editing apps – especially if you edit on your phone – transferring from one to another compresses the file greatly.

Also good to know

Sometimes it takes about 10 minutes for Instagram to upload the file – it may look very bad, but in 10 minutes after posting the video or photo will look much better, so you don’t have to panic.

Our projects already contains all suitable formats which you don’t have to change – you can just take a template and customize the text, colors or elements! Check Instagram Stories or Hyper for that.

Our packs of templates

key Hope this article was useful for you! It’s not as hard as it may look, though it could have been easier. Just make sure you follow all these advises, and your post will be of the highest quality. Good luck, friend!

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