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How To Quickly Convert MKV Video File To MP4 Format?

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Hi friend! In this week’s tutorial, we’ll show you the easy tip you may need in the future – how to convert MKV Video file to MP4. Save the article for the case📌

MKV is a common video format for multimedia like TV shows or movies. It’s main feature – it can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, pictures, or subtitle tracks in one file. An example – we’ve prepared another lesson for our YouTube channel, but YouTube doesn’t support MKV format. Let’s switch to MP4! 

Converting it into other formats is easy via programs and platforms we recommend:

  1. HandBrake – https://handbrake.fr
  2. VLC Media Player – https://www.videolan.org/vlc
  3. Permute – https://software.charliemonroe.net/permute/

For Mac OS – HandBrake

Click Open Source window and import your video in MKV format into it.

Importing MKV into HandBrake
  • Select the preset that suits you.
  • Select the mp4 format.
  • Select additional options to convert your video such as exact size, FPS, Quality, Audio Settings and other.

Select the path you’ll use to for the file. Then click the Start button and wait until the video is converted.

saving MKV
Saving MKV in HandBrake

Done, now your video is in MP4 format and ready to use.

For Windows – VLC Media Player

Open the program > Go to Media > Convert/Save > Add MKV file

Importing MKV in VLC Media Player
  • Click Convert > Select H.254 + MP3 (MP4)
  • Select the save path for the file
Saving the path

Finally click Start and wait until the video is converted. Done! Your video is now in MP4 format and ready to use.
Good luck with your videos! And if you liked our tutorial, check others😍 

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