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How to remove green screen in Premiere Pro

Hi, editor. Long time no see!If you’re looking for the way to remove green screen in Premiere Pro, this lesson is for you. 
First, let’s create a sequence that we need for the original format. Right click on the Project window New item Sequence. Choose suitable preset with aspect ratio 1920×1080 and 24 frames per second.

Create a sequence

Choose your shot with a green background and scale it to the frame size (to make the file the same size as the sequence). 

green screen in premiere pro
Choose the frame size

Go to the effects window and select Ultra Key. You can drag it to the file or double-click on it. Open the Effect Controls tab and go to the added effect. 

green screen in premiere
Use Ultra Key

Select the eyedropper for capturing color. It has been completely replaced.

Replace the screen

But if we turn on Alpha Channel in the effect settings, we can see that our object is well separated from the background. There are places with different shade around the edges that weren’t completely removed. And on the top of the video, we can see an artifact that is of a different color.

green screen in premiere pro
Areas that haven´t been affected

Here we can see the menu with expanded settings:


For the most part, these two sections are useful. By adjusting these values, we see how the unneeded white areas disapear. In the settings column, we see the keying settings presets. Default, relaxed or aggressive – we can choose the one that suits us best.

Settings presets

We’ll remove the artifact differently. Select the mask from the opacity section. Outline the object to be removed and click inverted. 

Thus you can clean up difficult places where the Ultra Key tool does not do well. Turn off the Alpha channel for further work. Select the background image and add the layer below to the Timeline. Make sure all sizes match the composition. 

Scale the background

We removed the green background and added another one. Next, we need to finalize the details so that the image looks as realistic as possible. The hardest part is hair and small items. 

Here we see a very sharp transition line and green light that bounced off the background. In the Ultra Key settings, go to the Matte Cleanup column. Use Choke and Soften tools to work with the edges. It’s specifics is that very small values will not give the desired effect and larger will eat up the edges. Try to find a suitable value in the middle. 

Adjust as you need

The contours are in order and it remains to correct the green color in hair. To do so, look for Change to color in Effect Window. For better convenience, choose the maximum preview settings. Just like previously, replace the color with an eyedropper.

Make sure the hair and other zone´s colors have changed too

Select Fast Blur effect to make the image more realistic – when shooting, the camera is focused on the subject and slightly blurs the background. We’ll slightly change the size and position of our object in the frame.

Since our background and the person were shot under different conditions. We make the colors of our character as similar as possible to the colors of the background. 

Work with color grading

Our image is on two different layers, we can use graphics very simply. For example, let’s take a set of animations from our EasyEdit.pro to create awesome videos. There’s a set of sounds that can be substituted for animation. 

For example, let´s make this animation and place it between the background and foreground layers. 

Use one of our presets!

Thank you for joining us here! If you want to remove the green screen in your After Effects video, check this guide.