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Kids Tv | Final Cut

A complete and ready video template package, which helps you create unique and amazing video content for kids. Perfect for tv, youtube channel etc. The template is decorated in colorful children s style, includes everything you need. Using this template, you can make an impression on your young viewers and their parents.


  • Easy change Size and Position
  • Free updates & Support
  • Easy and fast controls
  • Final Cut ready

Some shots may not be included in the premiere Pro or Final Cut version.
Each version can have its own catalog. Check the description on the store by press

Included Animated Compositions

Title Full Screen ( 5 comps )

01 Title Full Screen 1.mp4
01 Title Full Screen 2.mp4
01 Title Full Screen 3.mp4
01 Title Full Screen 4.mp4
01 Title Full Screen 5.mp4

Chanel Logo ( 1 comps )

02 Chanel Logo.mp4

Openers ( 7 comps )

03 Drawing&painting Opener.mp4
03 Kids Cartoons Opener.mp4
03 Kids Education Opener.mp4
03 Kids News Opener.mp4
03 Languages Educati Opener.mp4
03 Sing&dance Opener.mp4
Comp 03 Kids Zone Opener.mp4

Introduce Person ( 3 comps )

04 Introduce Person 1.mp4
04 Introduce Person 2.mp4
04 Introduce Person 3.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 8 comps )

05 Lower Third 1.mp4
05 Lower Third 2.mp4
05 Lower Third 3.mp4
05 Lower Third 4.mp4
05 Lower Third 5.mp4
05 Lower Third 6.mp4
05 Lower Third 7.mp4
05 Lower Third 8.mp4

Time Schedule ( 5 comps )

06 Schedule Alpha Preview.mp4
06 Time Schedule.mp4
06 Time Schedule Full Screen 1.mp4
06 Time Schedule Full Screen 2.mp4
06 Time Schedule Full Screen 3.mp4

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