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Cooking Delicious Food Show for Premiere Pro

he video template will help you to create a design for a cooking and culinary show. Includes many separated, high-resolution dishes and objects. Perfect for TV, YouTube channel, website. Modern bright design template allows you to beautifully present the recipe for any dish. Template is prepared in such a way that the process of adding recipes and cooking videos, was simple and easy.


  • Includes Free extension EasyEdit Viewer
  • Alpha IN and OUT
  • Easy change Size and Position
  • Free updates & Support
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • Essential Graphic Panel ready

Included Animated Compositions

Opener ( 9 comps )

Shot 01.mp4
Shot 02.mp4
Shot 03.mp4
Shot 04.mp4
Shot 05.mp4
Shot 06.mp4
Shot 07.mp4
Shot 08.mp4
Shot 09.mp4

Title Full Screen ( 2 comps )

Title Full Screen 01.mp4
Title Full Screen 02.mp4

Logos ( 12 comps )

Logo 01.mp4
Logo 010.mp4
Logo 011.mp4
Logo 012.mp4
Logo 02.mp4
Logo 03.mp4
Logo 04.mp4
Logo 05.mp4
Logo 06.mp4
Logo 07.mp4
Logo 08.mp4
Logo 09.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 2 comps )

Lower Third 01.mp4
Lower Third 02.mp4

Alpha Information ( 10 comps )

Attention 01.mp4
Boilingtime 02.mp4
Did You Know 03.mp4
Ingredients 04.mp4
Instruction 05.mp4
Prep Time 06.mp4
Recipe 07.mp4
Serving Size 08.mp4
Temperature 09.mp4
Water 010.mp4

Ingredients ( 2 comps )

Ingredients 01.mp4
Ingredients 02.mp4

Instructions ( 2 comps )

Instructions 01.mp4
Instructions 02.mp4

Recipe ( 1 comps )

Recipe 01.mp4

Multiscreens ( 2 comps )

Multiscreen 01.mp4
Multiscreen 02.mp4

Transitions ( 3 comps )

Transition 01.mp4
Transition 02.mp4
Transition 03.mp4

Time Schedule ( 1 comps )

Time Schedule Soon 01.mp4

In Next Episode ( 1 comps )

Innextepisode 01.mp4

End Credits ( 2 comps )

Endcredits 01.mp4
Endcredits 02.mp4

Social Networks ( 2 comps )

Socialnetworks 01.mp4
Socialnetworks 02.mp4

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