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Essential Typography Library for Premiere Pro

This is your personal library with 200+ unique styles of lower thirds & titles which suit for any project


  • Includes Free extension EasyEdit Viewer
  • Smart and includes the ability to auto-size
  • Control the duration with smart markers
  • Perfect fit for any your project
  • Color Control
  • Change Fonts

Some shots may not be included in the premiere Pro or Final Cut version.
Each version can have its own catalog. Check the description on the store by press

Included Animated Compositions

One Line ( 14 comps )

1l Title 001.mp4
1l Title 002.mp4
1l Title 003.mp4
1l Title 004.mp4
1l Title 005.mp4
1l Title 006.mp4
1l Title 007.mp4
1l Title 008.mp4
1l Title 009.mp4
1l Title 010.mp4
1l Title 011.mp4
1l Title 012.mp4
1l Title 013.mp4
1l Title 014.mp4

Two Lines ( 34 comps )

2l Title 001.mp4
2l Title 002.mp4
2l Title 003.mp4
2l Title 004.mp4
2l Title 005.mp4
2l Title 006.mp4
2l Title 007.mp4
2l Title 008.mp4
2l Title 009.mp4
2l Title 010.mp4
2l Title 011.mp4
2l Title 012.mp4
2l Title 013.mp4
2l Title 014.mp4
2l Title 015.mp4
2l Title 016.mp4
2l Title 017.mp4
2l Title 018.mp4
2l Title 019.mp4
2l Title 020.mp4
2l Title 021.mp4
2l Title 022.mp4
2l Title 023.mp4
2l Title 024.mp4
2l Title 025.mp4
2l Title 026.mp4
2l Title 027.mp4
2l Title 028.mp4
2l Title 029.mp4
2l Title 030.mp4
2l Title 031.mp4
2l Title 032.mp4
2l Title 033.mp4
2l Title 034.mp4

Three Lines ( 47 comps )

3l Title 001.mp4
3l Title 002.mp4
3l Title 003.mp4
3l Title 004.mp4
3l Title 005.mp4
3l Title 006.mp4
3l Title 007.mp4
3l Title 008.mp4
3l Title 009.mp4
3l Title 010.mp4
3l Title 011.mp4
3l Title 012.mp4
3l Title 013.mp4
3l Title 014.mp4
3l Title 015.mp4
3l Title 016.mp4
3l Title 017.mp4
3l Title 018.mp4
3l Title 019.mp4
3l Title 020.mp4
3l Title 021.mp4
3l Title 022.mp4
3l Title 023.mp4
3l Title 024.mp4
3l Title 025.mp4
3l Title 026.mp4
3l Title 027.mp4
3l Title 028.mp4
3l Title 029.mp4
3l Title 030.mp4
3l Title 031.mp4
3l Title 032.mp4
3l Title 033.mp4
3l Title 034.mp4
3l Title 035.mp4
3l Title 036.mp4
3l Title 037.mp4
3l Title 038.mp4
3l Title 039.mp4
3l Title 040.mp4
3l Title 041.mp4
3l Title 042.mp4
3l Title 043.mp4
3l Title 044.mp4
3l Title 045.mp4
3l Title 046.mp4
3l Title 047.mp4

Four Lines ( 21 comps )

4l Title 001.mp4
4l Title 002.mp4
4l Title 003.mp4
4l Title 004.mp4
4l Title 005.mp4
4l Title 006.mp4
4l Title 007.mp4
4l Title 008.mp4
4l Title 009.mp4
4l Title 010.mp4
4l Title 011.mp4
4l Title 012.mp4
4l Title 013.mp4
4l Title 014.mp4
4l Title 015.mp4
4l Title 016.mp4
4l Title 017.mp4
4l Title 018.mp4
4l Title 019.mp4
4l Title 020.mp4
4l Title 021.mp4

Big Text ( 39 comps )

B Title 001.mp4
B Title 002.mp4
B Title 003.mp4
B Title 004.mp4
B Title 005.mp4
B Title 006.mp4
B Title 007.mp4
B Title 008.mp4
B Title 009.mp4
B Title 010.mp4
B Title 011.mp4
B Title 012.mp4
B Title 013.mp4
B Title 014.mp4
B Title 015.mp4
B Title 016.mp4
B Title 017.mp4
B Title 018.mp4
B Title 019.mp4
B Title 020.mp4
B Title 021.mp4
B Title 022.mp4
B Title 023.mp4
B Title 024.mp4
B Title 025.mp4
B Title 026.mp4
B Title 027.mp4
B Title 028.mp4
B Title 029.mp4
B Title 030.mp4
B Title 031.mp4
B Title 032.mp4
B Title 033.mp4
B Title 034.mp4
B Title 035.mp4
B Title 036.mp4
B Title 037.mp4
B Title 038.mp4
B Title 039.mp4

Sales ( 10 comps )

S Title 001.mp4
S Title 002.mp4
S Title 003.mp4
S Title 004.mp4
S Title 005.mp4
S Title 006.mp4
S Title 007.mp4
S Title 008.mp4
S Title 009.mp4
S Title 010.mp4

Events ( 25 comps )

E Title 001.mp4
E Title 002.mp4
E Title 003.mp4
E Title 004.mp4
E Title 005.mp4
E Title 006.mp4
E Title 007.mp4
E Title 008.mp4
E Title 009.mp4
E Title 010.mp4
E Title 011.mp4
E Title 012.mp4
E Title 013.mp4
E Title 014.mp4
E Title 015.mp4
E Title 016.mp4
Ny Title 001.mp4
Ny Title 002.mp4
Ny Title 003.mp4
Ny Title 004.mp4
Ny Title 005.mp4
Ny Title 006.mp4
Ny Title 007.mp4
Ny Title 008.mp4
Ny Title 009.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 10 comps )

Lt Title 001.mp4
Lt Title 002.mp4
Lt Title 003.mp4
Lt Title 004.mp4
Lt Title 005.mp4
Lt Title 006.mp4
Lt Title 007.mp4
Lt Title 008.mp4
Lt Title 009.mp4
Lt Title 010.mp4

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