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Kids YouTube Channel Design

Its Video template is a real find for a modern little video blogger. It will help your YouTube channel to reach a more professional level and stand out from the competition. Dynamic transitions, colorful lower thirds, stylish headlines - all this is collected in a whole package.


  • Bright & unique compositions
  • Easy change Size and Position
  • Free updates & Support
  • All compositions layered in After Effect
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner

Included Animated Compositions

Openers ( 6 comps )

Kids Zone Opener 01.mp4
Kids Zone Opener 02.mp4
Kids Zone Opener 03.mp4
Kids Zone Opener 04.mp4
Kids Zone Opener 05.mp4
Kids Zone Opener 06.mp4

Transitions ( 9 comps )

Transition 00.mp4
Transition 01.mp4
Transition 02.mp4
Transition 03.mp4
Transition 04.mp4
Transition 05.mp4
Transition 06.mp4
Transition 07.mp4
Transition 08.mp4

Introduce Person ( 2 comps )

Introduce Person 01.mp4
Introduce Person 02.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 3 comps )

Lower Thirds 01.mp4
Lower Thirds 02.mp4
Lower Thirds 03.mp4

Title Plate ( 2 comps )

Title Plate 01.mp4
Title Plate 02.mp4

Title Full Screen ( 5 comps )

Title Full Screen 00.mp4
Title Full Screen 01.mp4
Title Full Screen 02.mp4
Title Full Screen 03.mp4
Title Full Screen 04.mp4

Links To The Social Network ( 3 comps )

Links To The Social Network 01.mp4
Links To The Social Network 02.mp4
Links To The Social Network 03.mp4

Person Full Screen ( 2 comps )

Person Full Screen 01.mp4
Person Full Screen 02.mp4

Another Videos ( 2 comps )

Another Videos 01.mp4
Another Videos 02.mp4