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Youtube Essential Library for Premiere Pro

The video template. Your personal library for making YouTube channel more stylish and professionally! includes many ready animated elements. Save your time so you can focus on the content!


  • Includes Free handy extension EasyEdit Viewer
  • Easy change Colors
  • Easy change Size and Position
  • Easy change Duration
  • Free updates & Support
  • Well organized and easy can be customized
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • Ready Placeholders

Some shots may not be included in the premiere Pro or Final Cut version.
Each version can have its own catalog. Check the description on the store by press

Included Animated Compositions

Openers ( 9 comps )

Opener 01.mp4
Opener 02.mp4
Opener 03.mp4
Opener 04.mp4
Opener 05.mp4
Opener 06.mp4
Opener 07.mp4
Opener 08.mp4
Opener 09.mp4

Info Bars ( 10 comps )

Info Bar 01.mp4
Info Bar 02.mp4
Info Bar 03.mp4
Info Bar 04.mp4
Info Bar 05.mp4
Info Bar 06.mp4
Info Bar 07.mp4
Info Bar 08.mp4
Info Bar 09.mp4
Info Bar 10.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 12 comps )

Lower Third 01.mp4
Lower Third 02.mp4
Lower Third 03.mp4
Lower Third 04.mp4
Lower Third 05.mp4
Lower Third 06.mp4
Lower Third 07.mp4
Lower Third 08.mp4
Lower Third 09.mp4
Lower Third 10.mp4
Lower Third 11.mp4
Lower Third 12.mp4

Links ( 6 comps )

Link 01.mp4
Link 02.mp4
Link 03.mp4
Link 04.mp4
Link 05.mp4
Link 06.mp4

Subscribe ( 6 comps )

Subscribe 01.mp4
Subscribe 02.mp4
Subscribe 03.mp4
Subscribe 04.mp4
Subscribe 05.mp4
Subscribe 06.mp4

Typography ( 4 comps )

Typography 01.mp4
Typography 02.mp4
Typography 03.mp4
Typography 04.mp4

Transitions ( 7 comps )

Transition 01.mp4
Transition 02.mp4
Transition 03.mp4
Transition 04.mp4
Transition 05.mp4
Transition 06.mp4
Transition 07.mp4

Comments ( 3 comps )

Comment 01.mp4
Comment 02.mp4
Comment 03.mp4

Quotes ( 3 comps )

Quotes 01.mp4
Quotes 02.mp4
Quotes 03.mp4

Episodes Names ( 3 comps )

Episode Name 01.mp4
Episode Name 02.mp4
Episode Name 03.mp4

Social Media ( 5 comps )

Social Media 01.mp4
Social Media 02.mp4
Social Media 03.mp4
Social Media 04.mp4
Social Media 05.mp4

Subtitles ( 3 comps )

Subtitles 01.mp4
Subtitles 02.mp4
Subtitles 03.mp4

Instagram ( 3 comps )

Instagram 01.mp4
Instagram 02.mp4
Instagram 03.mp4

Other ( 7 comps )

In This Episode.mp4
Next Episode 01.mp4
Next Episode 02.mp4
Next Episode 03.mp4
Next Episode 04.mp4

Elements ( 19 comps )

Arrow 01.mp4
Arrow 02.mp4
Arrow 03.mp4
Arrow 04.mp4
Element 01.mp4
Element 02.mp4
Element 03.mp4
Element 04.mp4
Element 05.mp4
Element 06.mp4
Element 07.mp4
Element 08.mp4
Element 09.mp4
Element 10.mp4
Element 11.mp4
Element 12.mp4
Element 13.mp4
Element 14.mp4
Element 15.mp4

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