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HYPER - Graphics Pack for Final Cut

It is all you need to be the best content creator! This pack contains more than 700 readymade compositions for your creative implementation. Combine typography with gradients and patterns, add different graphic elements or make your design. Let your video explode with this ready to use the templates.


  • Ready for all languages.
  • Free updates & Support
  • Perfect for Social Media
  • Smark controllers for easy edit text,colors,positions
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • Alpha IN and OUT

Some shots may not be included in the premiere Pro or Final Cut version.
Each version can have its own catalog. Check the description on the store by press

Included Animated Compositions

Ready Made Pattern ( 32 comps )

Ready Made Patterns 01.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 02.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 03.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 04.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 05.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 06.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 07.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 08.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 09.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 10.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 11.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 12.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 13.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 14.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 15.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 16.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 17.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 18.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 19.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 20.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 21.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 22.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 23.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 24.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 25.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 26.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 27.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 28.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 29.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 30.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 31.mp4
Ready Made Patterns 32.mp4

Ready Made Pattern Simple ( 33 comps )

Ready Made Patterns Simple 01.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 02.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 03.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 04.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 05.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 06.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 07.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 08.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 09.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 10.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 11.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 12.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 13.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 14.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 15.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 16.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 17.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 18.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 19.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 20.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 21.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 22.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 23.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 24.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 25.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 26.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 27.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 28.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 29.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 30.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 31.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 32.mp4
Ready Made Patterns Simple 33.mp4

Ready Made Element ( 45 comps )

Ready Made Elements 01.mp4
Ready Made Elements 02.mp4
Ready Made Elements 03.mp4
Ready Made Elements 04.mp4
Ready Made Elements 05.mp4
Ready Made Elements 06.mp4
Ready Made Elements 07.mp4
Ready Made Elements 08.mp4
Ready Made Elements 09.mp4
Ready Made Elements 10.mp4
Ready Made Elements 11.mp4
Ready Made Elements 12.mp4
Ready Made Elements 13.mp4
Ready Made Elements 14.mp4
Ready Made Elements 15.mp4
Ready Made Elements 16.mp4
Ready Made Elements 17.mp4
Ready Made Elements 18.mp4
Ready Made Elements 19.mp4
Ready Made Elements 20.mp4
Ready Made Elements 21.mp4
Ready Made Elements 22.mp4
Ready Made Elements 23.mp4
Ready Made Elements 24.mp4
Ready Made Elements 25.mp4
Ready Made Elements 26.mp4
Ready Made Elements 27.mp4
Ready Made Elements 28.mp4
Ready Made Elements 29.mp4
Ready Made Elements 30.mp4
Ready Made Elements 31.mp4
Ready Made Elements 32.mp4
Ready Made Elements 33.mp4
Ready Made Elements 34.mp4
Ready Made Elements 35.mp4
Ready Made Elements 36.mp4
Ready Made Elements 37.mp4
Ready Made Elements 38.mp4
Ready Made Elements 39.mp4
Ready Made Elements 40.mp4
Ready Made Elements 41.mp4
Ready Made Elements 42.mp4
Ready Made Elements 43.mp4
Ready Made Elements 44.mp4
Ready Made Elements 45.mp4

Ready Made Gradient ( 36 comps )

Ready Made Gradients 01.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 02.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 03.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 04.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 05.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 06.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 07.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 08.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 09.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 10.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 11.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 12.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 13.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 14.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 15.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 16.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 17.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 18.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 19.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 20.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 21.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 22.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 23.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 25.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 26.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 27.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 28.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 29.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 30.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 31.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 32.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 33.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 34.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 35.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 36.mp4
Ready Made Gradients 37.mp4

Typography Clean ( 61 comps )

Typography 01.mp4
Typography 02.mp4
Typography 03.mp4
Typography 04.mp4
Typography 05.mp4
Typography 06.mp4
Typography 07.mp4
Typography 08.mp4
Typography 09.mp4
Typography 10.mp4
Typography 11.mp4
Typography 12.mp4
Typography 13.mp4
Typography 14.mp4
Typography 15.mp4
Typography 16.mp4
Typography 17.mp4
Typography 18.mp4
Typography 19.mp4
Typography 20.mp4
Typography 21.mp4
Typography 22.mp4
Typography 23.mp4
Typography 24.mp4
Typography 25.mp4
Typography 26.mp4
Typography 27.mp4
Typography 28.mp4
Typography 29.mp4
Typography 30.mp4
Typography 31.mp4
Typography 32.mp4
Typography 33.mp4
Typography 34.mp4
Typography 35.mp4
Typography 36.mp4
Typography 37.mp4
Typography 38.mp4
Typography 39.mp4
Typography 40.mp4
Typography 41.mp4
Typography 42.mp4
Typography 43.mp4
Typography 44.mp4
Typography 45.mp4
Typography 46.mp4
Typography 47.mp4
Typography 48.mp4
Typography 49.mp4
Typography 50.mp4
Typography 51.mp4
Typography 52.mp4
Typography 53.mp4
Typography 54.mp4
Typography 55.mp4
Typography 56.mp4
Typography 57.mp4
Typography 58.mp4
Typography 59.mp4
Typography 60.mp4
Typography 61.mp4

Infographic ( 18 comps )

Infographics 01.mp4
Infographics 02.mp4
Infographics 04.mp4
Infographics 05.mp4
Infographics 06.mp4
Infographics 07.mp4
Infographics 08.mp4
Infographics 09.mp4
Infographics 10.mp4
Infographics 12.mp4
Infographics 13.mp4
Infographics 14.mp4
Infographics 15.mp4
Infographics 16.mp4
Infographics 17.mp4
Infographics 18.mp4
Infographics 19.mp4
Infographics 20.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 23 comps )

Lower Third 01.mp4
Lower Third 02.mp4
Lower Third 03.mp4
Lower Third 04.mp4
Lower Third 05.mp4
Lower Third 06.mp4
Lower Third 07.mp4
Lower Third 08.mp4
Lower Third 09.mp4
Lower Third 10.mp4
Lower Third 11.mp4
Lower Third 12.mp4
Lower Third 13.mp4
Lower Third 14.mp4
Lower Third 15.mp4
Lower Third 16.mp4
Lower Third 17.mp4
Lower Third 18.mp4
Lower Third 19.mp4
Lower Third 20.mp4
Lower Third 21.mp4
Lower Third 22.mp4
Lower Third 23.mp4

Call Outs ( 36 comps )

Callout 01.mp4
Callout 02.mp4
Callout 03.mp4
Callout 04.mp4
Callout 05.mp4
Callout 06.mp4
Callout 07.mp4
Callout 08.mp4
Callout 09.mp4
Callout 10.mp4
Callout 11.mp4
Callout 12.mp4
Callout 13.mp4
Callout 14.mp4
Callout 15.mp4
Callout 16.mp4
Callout 17.mp4
Callout 18.mp4
Callout 19.mp4
Callout 20.mp4
Callout 21.mp4
Callout 22.mp4
Callout 23.mp4
Callout 24.mp4
Callout 25.mp4
Callout 26.mp4
Callout 27.mp4
Callout 28.mp4
Callout 29.mp4
Callout 30.mp4
Callout 31.mp4
Callout 32.mp4
Callout 33.mp4
Callout 34.mp4
Callout 35.mp4
Callout 36.mp4

Pattern Complex ( 37 comps )

Pattern 01.mp4
Pattern 02.mp4
Pattern 03.mp4
Pattern 04.mp4
Pattern 05.mp4
Pattern 06.mp4
Pattern 07.mp4
Pattern 08.mp4
Pattern 09.mp4
Pattern 10.mp4
Pattern 11.mp4
Pattern 12.mp4
Pattern 13.mp4
Pattern 14.mp4
Pattern 15.mp4
Pattern 16.mp4
Pattern 17.mp4
Pattern 18.mp4
Pattern 19.mp4
Pattern 20.mp4
Pattern 21.mp4
Pattern 22.mp4
Pattern 23.mp4
Pattern 24.mp4
Pattern 25.mp4
Pattern 26.mp4
Pattern 27.mp4
Pattern 28.mp4
Pattern 29.mp4
Pattern 30.mp4
Pattern 31.mp4
Pattern 32.mp4
Pattern 33.mp4
Pattern 34.mp4
Pattern 35.mp4
Pattern 36.mp4
Pattern 37.mp4

Pattern Simple ( 33 comps )

Pattern Simple 01.mp4
Pattern Simple 02.mp4
Pattern Simple 03.mp4
Pattern Simple 04.mp4
Pattern Simple 05.mp4
Pattern Simple 06.mp4
Pattern Simple 07.mp4
Pattern Simple 08.mp4
Pattern Simple 09.mp4
Pattern Simple 10.mp4
Pattern Simple 11.mp4
Pattern Simple 12.mp4
Pattern Simple 13.mp4
Pattern Simple 14.mp4
Pattern Simple 15.mp4
Pattern Simple 16.mp4
Pattern Simple 17.mp4
Pattern Simple 18.mp4
Pattern Simple 19.mp4
Pattern Simple 20.mp4
Pattern Simple 21.mp4
Pattern Simple 22.mp4
Pattern Simple 23.mp4
Pattern Simple 24.mp4
Pattern Simple 25.mp4
Pattern Simple 26.mp4
Pattern Simple 27.mp4
Pattern Simple 28.mp4
Pattern Simple 29.mp4
Pattern Simple 30.mp4
Pattern Simple 31.mp4
Pattern Simple 32.mp4
Pattern Simple 33.mp4

Gradient Mixed ( 26 comps )

Gradient Mixed 01.mp4
Gradient Mixed 02.mp4
Gradient Mixed 03.mp4
Gradient Mixed 04.mp4
Gradient Mixed 05.mp4
Gradient Mixed 06.mp4
Gradient Mixed 07.mp4
Gradient Mixed 08.mp4
Gradient Mixed 09.mp4
Gradient Mixed 10.mp4
Gradient Mixed 11.mp4
Gradient Mixed 12.mp4
Gradient Mixed 13.mp4
Gradient Mixed 14.mp4
Gradient Mixed 15.mp4
Gradient Mixed 16.mp4
Gradient Mixed 17.mp4
Gradient Mixed 18.mp4
Gradient Mixed 19.mp4
Gradient Mixed 20.mp4
Gradient Mixed 21.mp4
Gradient Mixed 22.mp4
Gradient Mixed 23.mp4
Gradient Mixed 24.mp4
Gradient Mixed 25.mp4
Gradient Mixed 26.mp4

Gradients Simple ( 52 comps )

Gradient Simple 01.mp4
Gradient Simple 02.mp4
Gradient Simple 03.mp4
Gradient Simple 04.mp4
Gradient Simple 05.mp4
Gradient Simple 06.mp4
Gradient Simple 07.mp4
Gradient Simple 08.mp4
Gradient Simple 09.mp4
Gradient Simple 10.mp4
Gradient Simple 11.mp4
Gradient Simple 12.mp4
Gradient Simple 13.mp4
Gradient Simple 14.mp4
Gradient Simple 15.mp4
Gradient Simple 16.mp4
Gradient Simple 17.mp4
Gradient Simple 18.mp4
Gradient Simple 19.mp4
Gradient Simple 20.mp4
Gradient Simple 21.mp4
Gradient Simple 22.mp4
Gradient Simple 23.mp4
Gradient Simple 24.mp4
Gradient Simple 25.mp4
Gradient Simple 26.mp4
Gradient Simple 27.mp4
Gradient Simple 28.mp4
Gradient Simple 29.mp4
Gradient Simple 30.mp4
Gradient Simple 31.mp4
Gradient Simple 32.mp4
Gradient Simple 33.mp4
Gradient Simple 34.mp4
Gradient Simple 35.mp4
Gradient Simple 36.mp4
Gradient Simple 37.mp4
Gradient Simple 38.mp4
Gradient Simple 39.mp4
Gradient Simple 40.mp4
Gradient Simple 41.mp4
Gradient Simple 42.mp4
Gradient Simple 43.mp4
Gradient Simple 44.mp4
Gradient Simple 45.mp4
Gradient Simple 46.mp4
Gradient Simple 47.mp4
Gradient Simple 48.mp4
Gradient Simple 49.mp4
Gradient Simple 50.mp4
Gradient Simple 51.mp4
Gradient Simple 52.mp4

Social Media Elements ( 123 comps )

Elements 01 .mp4
Elements 02 .mp4
Elements 03 .mp4
Elements 04 .mp4
Elements 05 .mp4
Elements 06 .mp4
Elements 07 .mp4
Elements 08 .mp4
Elements 09 .mp4
Elements 10 .mp4
Elements 100 .mp4
Elements 101 .mp4
Elements 102 .mp4
Elements 103 .mp4
Elements 104 .mp4
Elements 105 .mp4
Elements 106 .mp4
Elements 107 .mp4
Elements 108 .mp4
Elements 109 .mp4
Elements 11 .mp4
Elements 110 .mp4
Elements 111 .mp4
Elements 112 .mp4
Elements 113 .mp4
Elements 114 .mp4
Elements 115 .mp4
Elements 116 .mp4
Elements 117 .mp4
Elements 118 .mp4
Elements 119 .mp4
Elements 12 .mp4
Elements 120 .mp4
Elements 121 .mp4
Elements 122 .mp4
Elements 123 .mp4
Elements 13 .mp4
Elements 14 .mp4
Elements 15 .mp4
Elements 16 .mp4
Elements 17 .mp4
Elements 18 .mp4
Elements 19 .mp4
Elements 20 .mp4
Elements 21 .mp4
Elements 22 .mp4
Elements 23 .mp4
Elements 24 .mp4
Elements 25 .mp4
Elements 26 .mp4
Elements 27 .mp4
Elements 28 .mp4
Elements 29 .mp4
Elements 30 .mp4
Elements 31 .mp4
Elements 32 .mp4
Elements 33 .mp4
Elements 34 .mp4
Elements 35 .mp4
Elements 36 .mp4
Elements 37 .mp4
Elements 38 .mp4
Elements 39 .mp4
Elements 40 .mp4
Elements 41 .mp4
Elements 42 .mp4
Elements 43 .mp4
Elements 44 .mp4
Elements 45 .mp4
Elements 46 .mp4
Elements 47 .mp4
Elements 48 .mp4
Elements 49 .mp4
Elements 50 .mp4
Elements 51 .mp4
Elements 52 .mp4
Elements 53 .mp4
Elements 54 .mp4
Elements 55 .mp4
Elements 56 .mp4
Elements 57 .mp4
Elements 58 .mp4
Elements 59 .mp4
Elements 60 .mp4
Elements 61 .mp4
Elements 62 .mp4
Elements 63 .mp4
Elements 64 .mp4
Elements 65 .mp4
Elements 66 .mp4
Elements 67 .mp4
Elements 68 .mp4
Elements 69 .mp4
Elements 70 .mp4
Elements 71 .mp4
Elements 72 .mp4
Elements 73 .mp4
Elements 74 .mp4
Elements 75 .mp4
Elements 76 .mp4
Elements 77 .mp4
Elements 78 .mp4
Elements 79 .mp4
Elements 80 .mp4
Elements 81 .mp4
Elements 82 .mp4
Elements 83 .mp4
Elements 84 .mp4
Elements 85 .mp4
Elements 86 .mp4
Elements 87 .mp4
Elements 88 .mp4
Elements 89 .mp4
Elements 90 .mp4
Elements 91 .mp4
Elements 92 .mp4
Elements 93 .mp4
Elements 94 .mp4
Elements 95 .mp4
Elements 96 .mp4
Elements 97 .mp4
Elements 98 .mp4
Elements 99 .mp4

Elements Gradient ( 23 comps )

Element Gradient 01.mp4
Element Gradient 02.mp4
Element Gradient 03.mp4
Element Gradient 04.mp4
Element Gradient 05.mp4
Element Gradient 06.mp4
Element Gradient 07.mp4
Element Gradient 08.mp4
Element Gradient 09.mp4
Element Gradient 10.mp4
Element Gradient 11.mp4
Element Gradient 12.mp4
Element Gradient 13.mp4
Element Gradient 14.mp4
Element Gradient 15.mp4
Element Gradient 16.mp4
Element Gradient 17.mp4
Element Gradient 18.mp4
Element Gradient 19.mp4
Element Gradient 20.mp4
Element Gradient 21.mp4
Element Gradient 22.mp4
Element Gradient 23.mp4

Elements Complex ( 72 comps )

Element Complex 01.mp4
Element Complex 02.mp4
Element Complex 03.mp4
Element Complex 04.mp4
Element Complex 05.mp4
Element Complex 06.mp4
Element Complex 07.mp4
Element Complex 08.mp4
Element Complex 09.mp4
Element Complex 10.mp4
Element Complex 11.mp4
Element Complex 12.mp4
Element Complex 13.mp4
Element Complex 14.mp4
Element Complex 15.mp4
Element Complex 16.mp4
Element Complex 17.mp4
Element Complex 18.mp4
Element Complex 19.mp4
Element Complex 20.mp4
Element Complex 21.mp4
Element Complex 22.mp4
Element Complex 23.mp4
Element Complex 24.mp4
Element Complex 25.mp4
Element Complex 26.mp4
Element Complex 27.mp4
Element Complex 28.mp4
Element Complex 29.mp4
Element Complex 30.mp4
Element Complex 31.mp4
Element Complex 32.mp4
Element Complex 33.mp4
Element Complex 34.mp4
Element Complex 35.mp4
Element Complex 36.mp4
Element Complex 37.mp4
Element Complex 38.mp4
Element Complex 39.mp4
Element Complex 40.mp4
Element Complex 41.mp4
Element Complex 42.mp4
Element Complex 43.mp4
Element Complex 44.mp4
Element Complex 45.mp4
Element Complex 46.mp4
Element Complex 47.mp4
Element Complex 48.mp4
Element Complex 49.mp4
Element Complex 50.mp4
Element Complex 51.mp4
Element Complex 52.mp4
Element Complex 53.mp4
Element Complex 54.mp4
Element Complex 55.mp4
Element Complex 56.mp4
Element Complex 57.mp4
Element Complex 58.mp4
Element Complex 59.mp4
Element Complex 60.mp4
Element Complex 61.mp4
Element Complex 62.mp4
Element Complex 63.mp4
Element Complex 64.mp4
Element Complex 65.mp4
Element Complex 66.mp4
Element Complex 67.mp4
Element Complex 68.mp4
Element Complex 69.mp4
Element Complex 70.mp4
Element Complex 71.mp4
Element Complex 72.mp4

Elements Simple ( 19 comps )

Element Simple 01.mp4
Element Simple 02.mp4
Element Simple 03.mp4
Element Simple 04.mp4
Element Simple 05.mp4
Element Simple 06.mp4
Element Simple 07.mp4
Element Simple 08.mp4
Element Simple 09.mp4
Element Simple 10.mp4
Element Simple 11.mp4
Element Simple 12.mp4
Element Simple 13.mp4
Element Simple 14.mp4
Element Simple 15.mp4
Element Simple 16.mp4
Element Simple 17.mp4
Element Simple 18.mp4
Element Simple 19.mp4

Flat Transitions ( 10 comps )

Transitions 01.mp4
Transitions 02.mp4
Transitions 03.mp4
Transitions 04.mp4
Transitions 05.mp4
Transitions 06.mp4
Transitions 07.mp4
Transitions 08.mp4
Transitions 09.mp4
Transitions 10.mp4

Seamless Transitions ( 20 comps )

01. Glitch Displace Min.mp4
01. Position Ease Short Left.mp4
01. Position Ease Short Right.mp4
01. Rotation Ease 360 Center Cw.mp4
01. Rotation Ease 360 Top Cw.mp4
01. Zoom Ease Short In.mp4
01. Zoom Ease Short Out.mp4
02. Position Bulge Left.mp4
02. Position Bulge Right.mp4
04. Glitch With Shapes Min + Aberations.mp4
04. Glitch With Shapes Min.mp4
04. Position Shake Down.mp4
04. Position Shake Up.mp4
04. Zoom Elastic End Incw.mp4
04. Zoom Elastic End Outccw.mp4
05. Zoom Shake Min In.mp4
06. Glitch Strips Displace Horisontal Max.mp4
08. Zoom + Rotation + Aberations Inccw.mp4
10. Zoom + Twirl Inccw.mp4
10. Zoom + Twirl Outccw.mp4

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