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Memphis Youtube Pack

Memphis style for your YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Ads and even more. Can be used for Beauty, Digital styles and more. All elements are editable - easy to customize template.


  • Includes Free extension EasyEdit Viewer
  • Easy change Size and Position
  • Free updates & Support
  • All compositions layered in After Effect
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • All objects are editable
  • You can change/delete/move any item
  • Alpha IN and OUT
  • Essential Graphic Panel ready

Included Animated Compositions

Openers ( 5 comps )

Opener 001.mp4
Opener 002.mp4
Opener 003.mp4
Opener 004.mp4
Opener 005.mp4

Episodes ( 10 comps )

Episode 001.mp4
Episode 002.mp4
Episode 003.mp4
Episode 004.mp4
Episode 005.mp4
Episode 006.mp4
Episode 007.mp4
Episode 008.mp4
Episode 009.mp4
Episode 010.mp4

Subscribe ( 7 comps )

Subscribe 001.mp4
Subscribe 002.mp4
Subscribe 003.mp4
Subscribe 004.mp4
Subscribe 005.mp4
Subscribe 006.mp4
Subscribe 007.mp4

Content ( 7 comps )

Content 001.mp4
Content 002.mp4
Content 003.mp4
Content 004.mp4
Content 005.mp4
Content 006.mp4
Content 007.mp4

Titles ( 15 comps )

Title 001.mp4
Title 002.mp4
Title 003.mp4
Title 004.mp4
Title 005.mp4
Title 006.mp4
Title 007.mp4
Title 008.mp4
Title 009.mp4
Title 010.mp4
Title 011.mp4
Title 012.mp4
Title 013.mp4
Title 014.mp4
Title 015.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 8 comps )

Lower Third 001.mp4
Lower Third 002.mp4
Lower Third 003.mp4
Lower Third 004.mp4
Lower Third 005.mp4
Lower Third 006.mp4
Lower Third 007.mp4
Lower Third 008.mp4

Callouts ( 6 comps )

Callout 001.mp4
Callout 002.mp4
Callout 003.mp4
Callout 004.mp4
Callout 005.mp4
Callout 006.mp4

Social Media ( 5 comps )

Social Media 001.mp4
Social Media 002.mp4
Social Media 003.mp4
Social Media 004.mp4
Social Media 005.mp4

Stories ( 10 comps )

Story 001.mp4
Story 002.mp4
Story 003.mp4
Story 004.mp4
Story 005.mp4
Story 006.mp4
Story 007.mp4
Story 008.mp4
Story 009.mp4
Story 010.mp4

End Cards ( 4 comps )

End Card 001.mp4
End Card 002.mp4
End Card 003.mp4
End Card 004.mp4

Transitions ( 5 comps )

Transition 001.mp4
Transition 002.mp4
Transition 003.mp4
Transition 004.mp4
Transition 005.mp4

Elements ( 11 comps )

Element 001.mp4
Element 002.mp4
Element 003.mp4
Element 004.mp4
Element 005.mp4
Element 006.mp4
Element 007.mp4
Element 008.mp4
Element 009.mp4
Element 010.mp4
Element 011.mp4

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