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Kinetic Social Pack

Brutal, dynamic kinetic style that gains attention! There are more than 200 elements , 60+ slides and 60+ Instagram stories to choose from. You can also choose the unique style you`re interested in. Each one of 5 prepared styles is created due to the latest modern tendencies in design and promotion. There is also an ability to combine any shot to create your own video or you can use one of pre-made montages. There are 20 of them inside the Pack: intro, opener, slideshow, story. It is the most stylish solution to fit all your needs.
The project is highly customizable - you can change any element you want. Just add your own content with 1 click, change text and colors, use smart auto-size to create any composition you need. You can use it for any purpose. Promote your company, business, events, products share your best moments with this awesome template. And be ready to make a real profit from your ads/social media page/Youtube channel using this pack!


  • Includes Free extension EasyEdit Viewer
  • 200 elements , 60+ slides and 60+ Instagram stories
  • 20 pre-made montages
  • Intros, openers, slideshow, stories
  • Smart auto-size
  • Easy change Size and Position
  • Free updates & Support
  • All compositions layered in After Effect
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • All objects are editable
  • You can change/delete/move any item
  • Alpha IN and OUT
  • Essential Graphic Panel ready

Included Animated Compositions

Montages ( 20 comps )

S01 Intro.mp4
S01 Opener.mp4
S01 Slideshow.mp4
S02 Intro.mp4
S02 Opener.mp4
S02 Slideshow.mp4
S03 Intro.mp4
S03 Opener.mp4
S03 Slideshow.mp4
S04 Intro.mp4
S04 Opener.mp4
S04 Slideshow.mp4
S05 Intro.mp4
S05 Opener.mp4
S05 Slideshow.mp4
Stories S01.mp4
Stories S02.mp4
Stories S03.mp4
Stories S04.mp4
Stories S05.mp4

Scenes ( 61 comps )

S01 Scene 001.mp4
S01 Scene 002.mp4
S01 Scene 003.mp4
S01 Scene 004.mp4
S01 Scene 005.mp4
S01 Scene 006.mp4
S01 Scene 007.mp4
S01 Scene 008.mp4
S01 Scene 009.mp4
S01 Scene 010.mp4
S01 Scene 011.mp4
S01 Scene 012.mp4
S01 Scene 013.mp4
S01 Scene 014.mp4
S02 Scene 001.mp4
S02 Scene 002.mp4
S02 Scene 003.mp4
S02 Scene 004.mp4
S02 Scene 005.mp4
S02 Scene 006.mp4
S02 Scene 007.mp4
S02 Scene 008.mp4
S02 Scene 009.mp4
S02 Scene 010.mp4
S02 Scene 011.mp4
S02 Scene 012.mp4
S02 Scene 013.mp4
S03 Scene 001.mp4
S03 Scene 002.mp4
S03 Scene 003.mp4
S03 Scene 004.mp4
S03 Scene 005.mp4
S03 Scene 006.mp4
S03 Scene 007.mp4
S03 Scene 008.mp4
S03 Scene 009.mp4
S03 Scene 010.mp4
S03 Scene 011.mp4
S03 Scene 012.mp4
S04 Scene 001.mp4
S04 Scene 002.mp4
S04 Scene 003.mp4
S04 Scene 004.mp4
S04 Scene 005.mp4
S04 Scene 006.mp4
S04 Scene 007.mp4
S04 Scene 008.mp4
S04 Scene 009.mp4
S04 Scene 010.mp4
S04 Scene 011.mp4
S04 Scene 012.mp4
S05 Scene 001.mp4
S05 Scene 002.mp4
S05 Scene 003.mp4
S05 Scene 004.mp4
S05 Scene 005.mp4
S05 Scene 006.mp4
S05 Scene 007.mp4
S05 Scene 008.mp4
S05 Scene 009.mp4
S05 Scene 010.mp4

Stories ( 61 comps )

S01 Story 001.mp4
S01 Story 002.mp4
S01 Story 003.mp4
S01 Story 004.mp4
S01 Story 005.mp4
S01 Story 006.mp4
S01 Story 007.mp4
S01 Story 008.mp4
S01 Story 009.mp4
S01 Story 010.mp4
S01 Story 011.mp4
S01 Story 012.mp4
S01 Story 013.mp4
S01 Story 014.mp4
S02 Story 001.mp4
S02 Story 002.mp4
S02 Story 003.mp4
S02 Story 004.mp4
S02 Story 005.mp4
S02 Story 006.mp4
S02 Story 007.mp4
S02 Story 008.mp4
S02 Story 009.mp4
S02 Story 010.mp4
S02 Story 011.mp4
S02 Story 012.mp4
S02 Story 013.mp4
S03 Story 001.mp4
S03 Story 002.mp4
S03 Story 003.mp4
S03 Story 004.mp4
S03 Story 005.mp4
S03 Story 006.mp4
S03 Story 007.mp4
S03 Story 008.mp4
S03 Story 009.mp4
S03 Story 010.mp4
S03 Story 011.mp4
S03 Story 012.mp4
S04 Story 001.mp4
S04 Story 002.mp4
S04 Story 003.mp4
S04 Story 004.mp4
S04 Story 005.mp4
S04 Story 006.mp4
S04 Story 007.mp4
S04 Story 008.mp4
S04 Story 009.mp4
S04 Story 010.mp4
S04 Story 011.mp4
S04 Story 012.mp4
S05 Story 001.mp4
S05 Story 002.mp4
S05 Story 003.mp4
S05 Story 004.mp4
S05 Story 005.mp4
S05 Story 006.mp4
S05 Story 007.mp4
S05 Story 008.mp4
S05 Story 009.mp4
S05 Story 010.mp4

Elements ( 60 comps )

S01 Image 001.mp4
S01 Image 002.mp4
S01 Lower Third 001.mp4
S01 Lower Third 002.mp4
S01 Lower Third 003.mp4
S01 Text 001.mp4
S01 Text 002.mp4
S01 Text 003.mp4
S01 Title 001.mp4
S01 Title 002.mp4
S01 Title 003.mp4
S01 Title 004.mp4
S01 Title 005.mp4
S01 Title 006.mp4
S01 Title 007.mp4
S01 Transition.mp4
S01 Transition 002.mp4
S02 Frame.mp4
S02 Image 001.mp4
S02 Lower Third 001.mp4
S02 Lower Third 002.mp4
S02 Lower Third 003.mp4
S02 Sticker 001.mp4
S02 Sticker 002.mp4
S02 Text.mp4
S02 Title 001.mp4
S02 Title 002.mp4
S02 Title 003.mp4
S02 Title 004.mp4
S02 Title 005.mp4
S02 Title 006.mp4
S02 Title 007.mp4
S02 Title 008.mp4
S02 Transition.mp4
S03 Image 001.mp4
S03 Image 002.mp4
S03 Lower Third 001.mp4
S03 Lower Third 002.mp4
S03 Text 001.mp4
S03 Text 002.mp4
S03 Title 001.mp4
S03 Title 002.mp4
S03 Title 003.mp4
S03 Title 004.mp4
S03 Title 005.mp4
S03 Title 006.mp4
S03 Wires.mp4
S04 Lower Third 001.mp4
S04 Lower Third 002.mp4
S04 Title 001.mp4
S04 Title 002.mp4
S04 Title 003.mp4
S04 Title 004.mp4
S04 Title 005.mp4
S04 Transition.mp4
S04 Transition 002.mp4
S05 Lower Third 001.mp4
S05 Lower Third 002.mp4
S05 Title.mp4
S05 Transition.mp4

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