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YouTube Pack Buzzz! for After Effects

Our brand new After Effects YouTube Pack is focused on communicative design - use it to promote business, educational, development, sport or any other channel. The Pack includes 14 categories + bonuses and more than 110+ scenes; all elements are compatible with each other. The concept includes laconic transitions like bubble element, clean typography, simple shapes. Its main feature is ability to change colours and texts so you can style your channel as you need. Designed for a wide range of areas and easily recognizable at the same time, the pack is meant to enhance your blog and make it stand out in Youtube. Discover it yourself


  • Includes Free extension EasyEdit Viewer
  • Easy change Colors
  • Easy change Size and Position
  • Easy change Duration
  • Free updates & Support
  • Well organized and easy can be customized
  • Easy to use even if you are a Beginner
  • Ready placeholders

Included Animated Compositions

Opener And Intro ( 2 comps )

Intro 01.mp4
Opener 01.mp4

Bumpers ( 1 comps )

Bumper 01.mp4

Credits ( 3 comps )

Credits 01.mp4
Credits 02.mp4
Credits 03.mp4

Lower Thirds ( 9 comps )

Lower Thirds 01.mp4
Lower Thirds 02.mp4
Lower Thirds 03.mp4
Lower Thirds 04.mp4
Lower Thirds 05.mp4
Lower Thirds 06.mp4
Lower Thirds 07.mp4
Lower Thirds 08.mp4
Lower Thirds 09.mp4

Next Episodes ( 11 comps )

Next Episode 001.mp4
Next Episode 002.mp4
Next Episode 003.mp4
Next Episode 004.mp4
Next Episode 005.mp4
Next Episode 006.mp4
Next Episode 007.mp4
Next Episode 008.mp4
Next Episode 009.mp4
Next Episode 010.mp4
Next Episode 011.mp4

Subscribes ( 9 comps )

Subscribe 01.mp4
Subscribe 02.mp4
Subscribe 03.mp4
Subscribe 04.mp4
Subscribe 05.mp4
Subscribe 06.mp4
Subscribe 07.mp4
Subscribe 08.mp4
Subscribe 09.mp4

Titles ( 12 comps )

Title 001.mp4
Title 002.mp4
Title 003.mp4
Title 004.mp4
Title 005.mp4
Title 006.mp4
Title 007.mp4
Title 008.mp4
Title 009.mp4
Title 010.mp4
Title 011.mp4
Title 012.mp4

Infobars ( 4 comps )

Infobars 01.mp4
Infobars 02.mp4
Infobars 03.mp4
Infobars 04.mp4

Outro ( 1 comps )

Outro 01.mp4

Transitions ( 7 comps )

Transition 01.mp4
Transition 02.mp4
Transition 03.mp4
Transition 04.mp4
Transition 05.mp4
Transition 06.mp4
Transition 07.mp4

Quotes ( 3 comps )

Quotes 01.mp4
Quotes 02.mp4
Quotes 03.mp4

Backgrounds ( 10 comps )

Backgrounds 01.mp4
Backgrounds 02.mp4
Backgrounds 03.mp4
Backgrounds 04.mp4
Backgrounds 05.mp4
Backgrounds 06.mp4
Backgrounds 07.mp4
Frame 01.mp4
Frame 02.mp4
Frame 03.mp4

Elements ( 15 comps )

Elements 001.mp4
Elements 002.mp4
Elements 003.mp4
Elements 004.mp4
Elements 005.mp4
Elements 006.mp4
Elements 007.mp4
Elements 008.mp4
Elements 009.mp4
Elements 010.mp4
Elements 011.mp4
Elements 012.mp4
Elements 013.mp4
Elements 014.mp4
Elements 015.mp4

Sound Fx ( 25 comps )

Sound Fx 001.mp4
Sound Fx 002.mp4
Sound Fx 003.mp4
Sound Fx 004.mp4
Sound Fx 005.mp4
Sound Fx 006.mp4
Sound Fx 007.mp4
Sound Fx 008.mp4
Sound Fx 009.mp4
Sound Fx 010.mp4
Sound Fx 011.mp4
Sound Fx 012.mp4
Sound Fx 013.mp4
Sound Fx 014.mp4
Sound Fx 015.mp4
Sound Fx 016.mp4
Sound Fx 017.mp4
Sound Fx 018.mp4
Sound Fx 019.mp4
Sound Fx 020.mp4
Sound Fx 021.mp4
Sound Fx 022.mp4
Sound Fx 023.mp4
Sound Fx 024.mp4
Sound Fx 025.mp4

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