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10 Most Effective Reels Ideas for 2022

Once we’ve started using Reels in our Instagram – we can’t go back! Reels give amazing activity and if you will use them right – you will increase your reach dozens of times. We’ve prepared a list of the most working and effective Reels Ideas you can use to involve the new audience.

 Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, says that Reels algorithms are going to improve much more this year, Reels will become the heart of the app and a great marketplace. 

Reels Specifications

Here are the key specifications of Reels:

  • Resolution: 9:16/1080 x 1920 px
  • Length: Up to 1 Minute
  • Reels are working only in the mobile version of the app, so you can upload them from your mobile device only.
effective reels ideas
Instagram Reels

Effective Reels Ideas

Introduce Yourself & Your Team

New viewers need to know who you are and what you do. But not just them – your regular audience wants to see who creates the products they love, and what everyone in your team does. Seeing the faces of your team will make your brand feel personal to everyone and will grow the interest in your product and social media. As a single influencer, you should communicate with your audience all the time, sharing your life and daily activity.

Talk About Your Products & Services

We use this one most of the time and people are always interested! There’s plenty of room for content, especially if you’re a business – you can announce a new product, show its features of it, name your bestsellers, give some interesting facts about how it was made, and compare your products to each other and many more!

Teach People How to Do Something

Whether you’re a Motion Design Studio like us, a designer, a marketer or even a clothing brand, you should share with the audience tips and tutorials. In the creative world, it can be tutorials for designers, advice about popular fonts and colors, techniques we use in our own work, good trends to use and many others.

The same will work for any company – share tips and advice related to your brand.

Give a hint on what you’re working on or how it was created

 Your audience is patiently waiting for a new product? If not yet, give them a hint of what you’re working on! We usually combine it with asking questions to our viewers: what they want to see in our next product, which updates they need for the existing one, and what are their biggest pains right now. After that, we can announce what our team is working on, show some scenes or elements from a future product, and name several features we decided to add. The audience is interested and grateful – they won’t miss the announcement! 

 It works the same for a new viewer, who suddenly saw your Reel – he will definitely have some questions about the future product(and who exactly you are).

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

As we said above, asking the opinion of your audience is vital for their interest. Now you can learn their needs via Reels! You can start by asking questions via your Instagram Stories and answer them in your Reel. The person who asked the question will feel connected to your brand.

Show how clients use your product

 A tip that brands use all the time – show your client’s feedback and how he/she uses your product. Your audience needs to see how it’s used by someone else and it will help them not to doubt the decision and see how it looks in other’s hands.

Invite participation

Another great idea is to ask your viewers to say something in the comments or tag someone – it would involve them and raise engagement. Create Reels that will encourage interaction and you’ll win! Algorithms are reacting to any engagement, especially when it’s comments.

Run a giveaway or challenge

We love to do that – it’s effective for a regular post, imagine how great it can be for a Reel! Reels are already a great way to promote your goods among a new audience, if you will add a giveaway or challenge, the activity will be even higher. Instagram algorithms tend to change very often, but some things never change – the more users will watch your Reel to the end, read the caption and visit your page, the better Instagram will promote your Reel further.

This or That/Before and After

Ask your audience to choose between 2 products, or compare the results of something. For influencers, it can be any personal content, but for brands, it’s going to be even more massive.

 This or That Reel will grow the interest in each of the items you’re comparing and help your viewers to see what you have. Before and After Reel will help viewers see the use of your product. Make it into a poll and see what your audience thinks! It will be useful – you will know in which direction to move and what is preferred by your clients. 

Get Influencers Involved 

You can triple the success of your Reels – ask an influencer to create a reel about your product! It will see the audience of your influencer, a new audience who will see this Reel as suggested, and your own if you share it to stories, asking to check it. It might be the best ad nowadays, so try it!

effective reels ideas
Instagram Reels

Additional Effective Reels Ideas: Animated Reels

Another great decision is to use animation in your Reels. If you have a business, it can be pretty expensive to hire designer for your social media and you don’t necessarily have to do it. We’ve been working on some video templates for Reels, Tik Toks, Shorts and Stories you may use in your Reels and vertical videos:

Also, you can use professional animation for your Titles by using these tools:

Animated any creative object for your Reel:

Tips to make your Reels skyrocketing

You need to help the Instagram algorithm to understand your content and serve it to relevant audiences.

Use trends – trends can be a great source for inspiration and content ideas, but most of all – for promotion. Be quick about it, trends come and go and you have to post your trending Reel right on time. Popular sounds are a great example of a trend and the way many users discover new videos. Use creative tools like text, filter, or camera effects.

Increase activity with CTA – ask your viewers to click the link in your bio, visit your website or refer to your post. You can do it in your Reel, or add as a text caption.

Get fresh content ideas from Tik Tok – all popular videos and trends had been there before Reels, so you can check what content creators have been doing on Tik Tok all this time.

Have vertical dimensions – Reels are created specifically for vertical videos.

Use hashtags – they are a great working force when it comes to engagement. Perfect hashtags are still working in your Posts, Reels, and even Stories! As we noticed, the Reels for every hashtag are showing first, so there’re a better chance to get your Reel seen!


Right now many companies and influencers are starting to post only Reels, sharing them to feed. Make your Reels the main content and you will get endless activity on your page!

Try to post Reels only

Hope this guide was useful! Good luck with creating amazing Reels. Already have a pre-recorded Reel you need to post? Check this guide to post high quality content to Instagram in 2022.