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Templates For After Effects

Kinetic Social Pack
There are more than 200 elements , 60+ slides and 60+ Instagram stories to choose from. You can also choose the unique style you`re interested in. Each one of 5 prepared styles is created due to the latest modern tendencies in design and promotion. There is also an ability to combine any shot to create your own video or you can use one of pre-made montages. There are 20 of them inside the Pack: intro, opener, slideshow, story. It is the most stylish solution to fit all your needs. The project is highly customizable – you can change any element you want. Just add your own content with 1 click, change text and colors, use smart auto-size to create any composition you need. You can use it for any purpose. Promote your company, business, events, products share your best moments with this awesome template. And be ready to make a real profit from your ads/social media page/Youtube channel using this pack!
39$ 105 Sales Try Free

Templates For Premiere Pro

Titles Pro
Meet Titles Pro, the indispensable pack of animated titles for any project. Here you can find more than 1500 templates, such as: 1. Minimal Titles, Lower Thirds, Sale, Quotes, Callouts – available in the project since the V1; will greately emphasise your project with unique design. Perfectly suits for vlogs or ads – your video will stand out everywhere! 2. Liquid, Digital, Glitch, Kinetic Titles and Ready-Scenes — were added in the V2 update; now you can step to the next level with professional animation – use trendy titles for your digital artwork, social media posts, branding projects, freelance for clients or just for fun! 3. Color, Fashion, Sports, Cinematic, Countdowns, Stomps, Typographic Details, Camera Viewfinders, Backgrounds – are the new categories from our fresh update, V3! Promote your clothing brand or a lookbook with Fashion Category. Run a sport channel with Sports templates. Make a professional movie or trailer with Cinematic titles. Use customised meters, timers and clocks in our new Countdowns category. Create a dynamic title, animated by a character, word or line with the Stomps. Add spice to your design with the Typographic Details Category. Use new camera Viewfinders to add a filming effect. And finally the Backgrounds – different gradients and shapes, divided into light, dark and tinted. Now you can use these animated templates in any area of your work and create a masterpiece never seen before! Another great feature of Titles Pro – you can combine templates together. Mix & Match elements to get interesting combinations of templates and save time. You can mix any title with any background and any details template – we designed them to match and work for you. The project is compatible with 4K, so your titles will look sharp even on a big screen! Other convenient features are preview to all scenes, auto-resize of compositions and text editing in Essential Graphics panel. Our team has made dedicated work to make this update convenient for most users – from pro editors to beginners. Use it anywhere: Youtube, Instagram Stories or Posts, Blogs, Presentations, Advertising, TV, Movies, Music Videos, Tik Tok or product promos! Titles Pro is designed to suit any task you can possibly have…see for yourself! And even more than that – all future updates are FREE!
34$ 1069 Sales Bestseller

Templates For Final Cut

Instagram Stories
Start making money from your Instagram – we have the best tool for Instagram Stories creation so far! Instagram stories is the most creative way to share your ideas, spread information, communicate with your audience, sell your products and run ads. Pack includes 1000+ pre-made and well-designed stories with high quality separate elements to create your own story as you want. Choose among 23 categories: Basic, Beauty, Business, Brutal, Fashion, Events, Food, Kids, Kinetic, Sports, Travel, Arrows, Filters and many more. High customizability allows you to change templates as you need: change the color, text or size. Forget about spending a lot of time, create incomparable instagram story in a few minutes and impress your followers with modern design of each template.
39$ 624 Sales Bestseller

Templates For Davinci

Swift - Transitions, Luts and Titles
What is SWIFT? 1500+ essential elements, including Transitions, Titles, Luts and Sounds that can complete any of your projects. We have a special delivery for editors, who appreciate quality, simplicity and speed. This is why this pack of transitions will suit everyone, who needs seamless cuts! Natural and genuine, these Davinci Resolve transitions can improve your project to the level of highly professional editor. What’s in SWIFT V2? Many new templates are added in V2, such as Burn Effect, Camera Focus, Overlays, Camera Viewfinders, Drone Interface. Also, Zoom, Spin, Glitch, Glass, Fade, TV and many more transition effects from the V1 are waiting for you inside. You can easily preview any element, set suitable resolution or framerate – SWIFT allows full adjustability and clean montage. Control the duration of animation. And the very special place of our pack belongs to the LUTs. Create incredible projects with SWIFT V2!
29$ 232 Sales New Bestseller
Titles Pro
Now you know how the best typography pack looks like! We´ve finally launched our Tiltes Pro for Davinci Resolve. Since now you can use it in your favourite software! Titles pack is suitable for many purposes and can be used in a variety of ways — social media posts & stories, video blogs, digital advertising, broadcast design, tv commercials, film production and many more. The Pack is easy customizable – you can change any element you want. Just add your own content with one click, change text and colors, use smart auto-size adjustment to create any composition you need. Meet Titles Pro V2, the very expected and thoughtful update of our project. Here you can find more than 900 typography compositions, new categories such as Liquid, Digital, Glitch, Ready Scenes or Kinetic, pre-made Ai layouts. Use it anywhere: Youtube, Instagram Stories or Posts, Blogs, Presentations, Tik Tok or product promos! Titles Pro is designed to suit any task you can possibly have…see for yourself! And even more than that – all future updates are FREE!
34$ 767 Sales New Bestseller