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Main 2022 motion design trends

So, what is trending in the world of Motion right now? We’ve picked some techniques you may love, some are used all around and some are very promising for the near future. Let’s go through our list of 2022 motion design trends. There’re many styles that deserve attention, so we´ll cover the main ones. Welcome to the motion design world!

3D is for everyone

3D design is probably the first decision when it comes to motion in 2022, but it still is an absolute winner in our trends list. Moreover, 3D is so popular for many fair reasons – these projects trigger emotions, excite, impress and make you remember what you’ve seen and whose work it was. Your client would love it!

Just look at these cool transfiguration shapes by Universal Everything:

As a result, 3D also creates a demand on many industry offshoots, like NFT:

NFT design by Outcrowd

If you’re looking for software that will help you produce 3D design, you should check our article of Best Motion Design Software

Merge 2D and 3D

Indeed, 2D and 3D are currently being mixed by many designers who add 2D overlays with movement to their work. It can look very good in a big range of projects – from games to advertisements. Here’s a great example of 2D and 3D design together, made by Motion Design School in Cinema 4D:

As you can see, this is stylish, creative and leaves a room to extra meaning; you can switch the focal points from one object to another. Here’s the Holden Sevens add by Buck:

Also a good example by designers Itsacat and Goodog, who combined 2D with 3D in this project:

Kinetic Typography

Similarly, we are obsessed with typography. And we’re not the only design studio that is! Kinetic Typography has been a trend of 2021 and it’s confidently moving to 2022 (and will be there in years to come). 
Previously, we believed that Typefaces should be strictly readable, that’s why Kinetic and Liquid seemed a bit scary fields to step on. But in a short time we found out that it’s appealing looks are worth any risk! Besides, Kinetic typography is highly used in websites, mobile apps, promos and everywhere else.
Here’s kinetic typography by Gimmick Studio:

If you’re a lover of Kinetic Typography, you may also become a lover of our Titles Pro pack for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut and DaVinci Resolve. It is very Kinetic and also very Liquid:

2022 motion design trends
Kinetic typography by EasyEdit.pro

Liquid Motion

Liquid Motion is, by all means, the most satisfying trend, and a big win for any designer. It’s not new but is going to be used for the longest time in the future. Because of it’s organic looks, you can apply it almost everywhere. In addition – It’s not hard to render, can be created fast enough and it won’t reduce it’s efficiency. Some of our favorite examples:

Animated Logos

In fact, Motion is winning in all areas, why won’t it be a part of your logo? Animated logos increased the revenue of too many companies, the biggest players on the field are using it in their promos, also with success. You see, the logo design should represent brand’s identity, while animated logo is an amazing way to expand the borders of your creativity. Motion graphics are more attractive and dynamic-looking for customers. Just another example we like:

2022 motion design trends
Add by Wanda Arca

Or Google Play, symbolizing their variable services:

Google Play animated logo

Animated logos have another undeniable meaning – not just to show how company delivers it’s services, but how it innovates with time. 

Vertical Animated Ads

There’re more and more people all around the world using social media, mobile ads are now the most demanded and the number of mobile phone users is more than 6 billion people. What does it mean?

Here’s a good example of a vertical ad – Healthcare app advert by Outcrowd:

2022 motion design trends
HEART mobile app by Outcrowd

Trends are fully corresponding the agenda, so you should be prepared to make a vertical design for an ad! This trend is very significant because when it comes to social media, you mostly scroll your phone. And Tik-Tok has only added fuel to this fire.

Creating 9:16 projects cannot be underestimated. It’s a good way to represent what your client is doing or hype up his/her presence on socials:

2022 motion design trends
Health-Ade Organic Socials by Jackie Kao

Producing vertical projects can be easier with templates; use our Instagram Stories to create an exceptional ad:


Morphing is the main technique of logo animation and means changing one image or shape into another through a seamless transition. The concept of morphing characters, logos, images and other objects in a video is becoming even more widely spread today. It looks illustrative, friendly and simple, so draws the attention of many designers. 

2022 motion design trends
Morphing shapes by Manuel Neto

It’s widely used in website design because suits the idea of making the client stay on the page longer and optimizes search engines. This technique can be achieved easier than some motion design techniques – you can quickly animate a flat image in After Effects. 

2022 motion design trends
Ice Icons by Manuel Neto

Morphing is a frame-by-frame animation, which should in the end look soft and seamless. 

To wrap up

 We had fun making it! Pretty soon we’ll come back with more styles that can’t be left without attention. We wish you luck with your projects – may they always be creative.   P. S. And if you want to just chill and use what already exists, we advise you to take some of ours🙂