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DaVinci Resolve 18.5 fresh update!

DaVinci Resolve 18.5 is finally out of beta!

As always, Blackmagic Studio listens to the audience and adds the most needed updates in every version. Here we’ll see such features as automatic subtitles, voice isolation, timeline backups, new export settings and much more.

So, let’s check what we get in the new Resolve 18.5!

Manage and delete your render cache

Now you can quickly delete your render cache and fix most playback issues!

Click on the playback, Delete Render Cache>Manage Cache Data.

Here you can delete the cache from the specific project, or all of the cache from all projects together.

Voice Isolation

Another feature available in the Fairlight is Voice Isolation.

To apply it, select your audio track, go to the dots on the mixer menu, and select Track Effects.

Here you can turn the Voice Isolation on, change the amount of it and quickly remove the extra background noise from your track.

This is a great solution for everyone filming outside of the studio.

Automatic Subtitles (studio version)

Now, automatic subtitles are available in DaVinci Resolve!

Available in 15 languages, and we honestly hope they will add some more(Ukrainian, for example).

To create automatic subtitles, click on Timeline>Create Subtitles from Audio.

Next, you can select your language, set amount of lines and characters per line and even the size of gap between subtitles.

After DaVinci Resolve will analyze the subtitles, it will create a new subtitle track you can customize.

You can also export the subtitles from the Edit page by clicking on the track and selecting the Export Subtitle option and selecting a suitable format. For example, .srt for YouTube.

Also you can embed the subtitles into your video in the Deliver tab - check the Export Subtitle and select As embedded captions.

Transcribe Audio (studio version)

Now you can also auto-generate the script from your audio.

To do this, select one or multiple clips, right-click on your selection and choose the Audio Transcription option.

After analyzing your clips, DaVinci Resolve will open the Transcription window with your scripts for each clip.

Here you can move to different video frames by clicking on the words in the transcription menu.

An important part is that Resolve now can delete the gaps where you’re silent, or say some target words.

To do this, select the silent part marked as (…) and click on the dots on the right corner, click on the Remove Silent Portions option.

Finally, click on the icon in the bottom corner, and Resolve will add your clip with the gaps cut out.

Cut and Edit tabs

Here we got new updates for both the free and studio version.

You can use Ripple On/Off tool to remove the empty cuts from your edit.

Previously edits were always rippled, now by disabling the ripple button the duration of the edit will be preserved so you can create gaps in the timeline. Now the audio tracks are automatically unlinked from the video tracks, which helps to apply audio effects more easily and use A/V Split Audio edits.

In the Inspector window, now our video is separated to the clip and track, so we can apply changes to the specific part of our edits, add cuts, voice isolation and much more.


This amazing feature is now also available in DaVinci Resolve, both free and studio version.

To stabilize several clips at once, select them and go to Inspector>Stabilization.

Now just click on the stabilize button and Resolve will fix the shaking in all of your clips.

Timeline backups

Go to Preferences>User>Project Save and Load and check the Timeline Backups option.

Now you won’t lose any work progress if something goes wrong.

If you’d like to get back to any previous backup, you can just right-click on the timeline, select Restore Timeline Backup and pick one of the previous versions.

The best part here is that DaVinci Resolve won’t overwrite the later versions of the edit, it will create an alternative backup version, so you can compare the edits and switch to the better one.

Set a default transition duration

You can also set any transition duration as a default, which is helpful.

All you need to do is drag a transition to your clip, click on it and in the Transition menu set the duration/frames you prefer.

Below this setting, you’ll see a Set as Default Transition button which will set this duration as default for any future edits.

Effects (studio version)

Some major updates also include new controls for the effects we love and cherish in the studio version of DaVinci Resolve.

For example, the Magic Mask now has improved tracking, and Depth Map lets you instantly generate a 3D depth matte of a scene to quickly grade the foreground separately from the background.

Additionally, now you have the new Relight FX tool, which lets you add virtual light sources into a scene to creatively adjust environmental lighting, fill dark shadows or change the mood.

This tool will help to cast a broad light, a point source, or a spotlight and can be adjusted for surface softness and specularity control.

Export a Thumbnail

Now you can also export still images for your thumbnails from the Cut, Edit or Color tabs.

To do this, just pick the frame and go to File>Export>Current Frame as Still.

Finally, select the format you need and click OK.

TikTok Export

Now you for a new export preset and can export videos directly to TikTok!

Very quick and convenient, all you have to do is go to Preferences>System>Internet Accounts and sign into TikTok.

To upload the video in instance, check the Upload directly mark in the Export tab.

DaVinci Resolve will render and upload the video itself.

To Sum Up

As always, great updates are made by Blackmagic design.

Additionally, to the features mentioned above, you get a bunch of new transitions and effects within the free version, new settings for the Magic Mask and Depth Map within the studio version and multimerge feature in the fusion.

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