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How to track Titles in Davinci Resolve

Hi editors! That's right - we're adding Davinci Resolve to our tutorials series and hoping to make it even more useful for you! In our first tutorial for Davinci, we will find out how to Track Titles in Davinci Fusion.


Import the media you need to the Timeline. You can do it by using the menu or simply by dragging the video directly to Davinci.

Media In and Media Out

Let's open the Fusion Tab. Here you will see two nodes - Media In and Media Out. MediaIn is our video and Media Out is the Viewer. Now we need to add the tracker node - press Shift + Space to open the search tab.

Type “Tracker” and hit Add

Now connect Tracker node between MediaIn and MediaOut:

Tracker Point

You can see the green boxes were added to our viewer, it's Tracker Point. Find the object on the video you want to track, this point will be the parent point for the title. 

Jump on the first frame of the scene - place the Tracker Point on the object part you want to follow. Resize the first box directly around the point of tracking. 

The second box is the search area, the tracker will search point from the second box to the second one. When you're done, hit Track Forward button in the Inspector. Wait until Davinci will make tracking of every frame, it can take some time. 

You'll get a notification when the tracking ends.

Add and Track Titles

Now we can add a titles to the scene. Open Effects tab and go to Templates>Edit>Titles

Open Call-Outs category and import the Title you like by dragging it to the Node grid. Join the Title node to the tracker node (to the green arrow in).

Then go to the Tracker Operation tab and select Match Move in the Operation section. 

Now the Title will appear above the video and we can edit it. Move the elements and use Start Point control to place start point of the animation. 

Now we can go back to the Edit page and see the result. To speed up a preview, you can reduce the quality of the preview. Go to Playback menu>Timeline>Proxy Mode>Select Resolution

To wrap up

Thank you for reading!

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