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How to use manual motion tracking in Premiere Pro?

What tracking is? How to use manual motion tracking in Premiere Pro?

If you wanna track meme or you want to put an image over a person's head while he moves. Or you wanna simplify manual tracking of image. It's not the auto motion track but it's the easier way to track image manuallyIn this tutorial we will learn how to do this🔥

Let's go

I have a video on the Timeline. There is a child jumping, and I want to attach a graphic element that will repeat his movements. I will take the graphic element from the set I use for my work. It is a Live Stickers Pack from EasyEdit studio.

How to add graphic element to your video in Premiere Pro?

There are many different graphic elements, but for this video we will choose this one. By clicking it immediately appears on the timeline from easyedit viewer extension

Now it is just not a moving element. By shortening the extra part in time, we will save the input and output animation.

Go to the Essential Graphics window to change the colors.

How to create tracking in Premiere Pro? How to increase the playback?

To create tracking go to the Effect Controls tab. For convenience and precise tracking settings, playback can be increased.

Attach this element to this video part. You can resize graphics on the video by clicking on it and dragging it to the desired position. Next, click on the clock next to the parameters that you need in tracking. The main thing is Position. You can also use scale and rotation.

The first Keyframes are created.Now with the right arrow on the keyboard, move one frame forward and change the position of our object.

To speed up the process of creating tracking, set the position not on every frame, but after a few. By pressing the key combination “shift + right arrow”. You will move forward five frames. And then you expose the object in the next frames. If you need to change the Rotation value in some frame.

Be sure to fix the old value on the previous frames. In my case, it is zero. Without doing this, the value that you adjust will change from the last keyframe. By putting all the keyframes on the video, we see the following result. If you see places where tracking gets lost, correct the values on each of these frames. The tracking is now well done and the objects in the video move together.

And now that`s all! Enjoy😍