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Video Templates for fast editing

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Text Animation & Element Animation with Presets Pro

Hi, friends! Text and object animation has never been easier than now. Animate title, animate logo, animate placeholder or any button with more than 2000 different animation presets. Apart from presets, you’ll find a grid system and will be able to create a professional design from scratch.

Quick Overview

What’s included in Presets Pro?

All 2000+ presets inside can be separated into 3 main categories: Text Presets,  Animation Presets and Bootstrap Templates.

Text Presets

Let’s take a look inside the first category - Text Presets. Here we have three types of animation, such as Characters, Words and Lines:

Animation Presets

Here’s the category of the animation presets - you can apply them to layers or combine them with text presets. Just like in text presets, here you can choose the type of animation you need - Pos Rotate Scale, Positions Rotation, Position Scale, Rotation Scale, Position, Scale and Rotate:  


This category will help you to create your own animated design from scratch - inside you’ll find the design grid system that follows all modern typographical rules. Your animation will look professional and will be created in seconds!

Choose the type of animation you need - Stylesheet, Title, Slides, Quote, List or Infographics:  

You can easily modify them, combine them or take particular elements you need and use in the design you’ve planned. Bootstrap templates can be combined with text or animation presets!

How to Use 

Let’s create our first animation with Presets Pro!

Choose the bootstrap template you need, click on it and it will appear on your timeline: 

Now, we go inside the composition for editing.

Main text

First, we change the main text and delete the layers we don’t need:

To increase the text box, we go to the Effects Controls and choose “Effect Controls Box”:

Here we can increase the width or other parameters we need:

Each bootstrap template has a layer with a grid - you can turn it on to align the composition:

And with this checkbox you can turn on smart snapping to the grid:  

Now, let’s animate this shot! Choose text category to animate the text (in the example, we’ll animate the text by Lines). All you need to do is to choose the animation you like and click on it. If you will click on a different preset, the animation will be replaced automatically:

It’s convenient and allows you to quickly experiment with animation or apply changes.  

Additional text

Let’s animate our second text with Character animation.

On the timeline, you can see In and Out markers. These markers are responsible for the duration of our animation. From the beginning of the layer to the In marker:

And from the Out marker to the end of our layer:

Once we reduce In duration, our animation becomes faster:

And if we increase In duration, our animation will be smoother and longer.

This way, we can control the In and Out of our animation. In this example, we can reduce the duration of our animation from 10 to 7 seconds. To do this, we need to move the markers and the end of our layer to the time we need:

Now we have a total animation of 7 seconds. This can be done even easier with the help of our Toolbar. If you click on Shift Presets tool, you’ll get the same result automatically:

With the help of this tool, you can easily set the duration you need. It’s very convenient if you have many layers - you won’t have to move them all.  

Element animation

Now we can animate an element. It has a layer, attached to the text and we will apply one of our animation presets to this layer. Just like with the text animation, all you need is to click on the preset you like:

Let’s align the layers we’ve created. We select all three layers, select 7 seconds duration and align our animation:

We can quickly change it to a shorter animation:  

Placeholder animation

Now the final detail - we will add and animate the placeholder with Presets Pro. Before we start, we can pick media via EasyEdit Viewer - switch to the Assets page to find photo, video or gif among millions of media files, available in EasyEdit Viewer. All you have to do is write a keyword for your search and you’ll media files from all over the internet:

We picked a video and imported it in one click - Assets manager will add a video to your timeline automatically. 

We need to align the video, so we increase it:  

To add animation to this placeholder, we select the desired preset and apply it to our layer:

This animation is ready! We can make it even more interesting - select all layers, choose the Shift Presets mode and create an offset:

Now, our layers appear one by one! We can do the same for our Out animation - just drag the slider:

Now, our layers appear with a slight offset. Another convenient thing - you can easily move the layers and it won’t affect the animation in any way:  

Wrap Up

So, that's our final result, created in several clicks:

You can create even more complicated animations with Presets Pro, and the result will always be amazing! Presets Pro can help you to animate not just any text or title, but even more complex objects, like buttons, placeholders with videos or gifs, logos and the whole layers!

Choose among more than 2000 presets to create your own masterpiece in seconds.