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Use After Effects and Premiere Pro together

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Need to use AE and Pr together? Here’s the quickest tutorial that will help you to use After Effects transitions in Premiere Pro in less than several minutes. Let’s start step by step!

1. First, check the sequence settings: go to Sequence>Sequence Settings. In editing mode click “Custom” to put our own. 

Choose custom sequence settings

2. Select your screen resolution.

3. In Pixel Aspect Ratio select “Square Pixels”.

Choose custom sequence settings

4. Drag your footage on timeline:

Drag videos to the timeline in Premiere Pro
Footage on timeline

5. Select the footages you want to add your transitions to in the Premiere Pro sequence. Right clicks and select “Replace with After Effects composition”. The selected footage will be imported into After Effects:

Import transitions in After Effects
Replace the footages

6. Name and save your project in After Effects:

Name your project

7. Add transitions using the EasyEdit Viewer:

Use transitions from Viewer

8. Browse back to Premiere Pro window to save. It’s ready! Now all changes will be repeated in Premiere Pro.

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