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4 Crazy Motion Design Techniques

A.I. in After Effects

This crazy technique uses the power of A.I. to create amazing visual effects. With simple masks and rotoscoping in After Effects, motion designers create portals into anther dimensions with a little help from A.I. magic.

Artificial Intelligence can be incredibly useful for editors in many different ways - check our list of the best A.I. tools for video editors!

AR Tracking

Augmented reality is huge and we’ve seen a lot of artists experimenting with it. The results are stunning, futuristic, glitchy visuals that depict how the world might look in just a couple of years from now.

AR Tracking can be applied in many creative ways - track a user's head, eyes, or a device such as a camera or display, or any object populating the AR scene.

Kinetic Typography

Text animation is the daily bread and butter for almost every motion designer, and kinetic typography is an area where creators can truly experiment and push the boundaries of the medium.

If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to create different types of kinetic typography animation, check our tutorial for After Effects!

Bending Reality

In this style motion designers use different VFX techniques to literally bend the laws of physics and distort reality. The results are stunning! 

Such techniques allow designers to realize their most brave ideas and turn them into reality with quickly developing VFX tools.


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