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Graphic Design Trends 2024

Trends come and go, stay, or get back from the forgotten past. However, you can expect to see some new things in the 2024 design world. Will AI take a bigger part and be more considered by designers?


Are you bored by the rules? Look how catchy anti-design posters are:

Anti-design is an incredible way to show yourself in 2024. Just like with minimalism and people’s desire to see transparency, anti-design will resonate with your viewer’s rebellious nature. Design shouldn’t be predictable, but it is for everything but anti-design!

Add asymmetric shapes, bold typography, and less white space. Embrace chaos, imperfection, and even ugliness to create impactful visuals. Offer a refreshing alternative, jolting viewers out of complacency.

Anti-design will work especially well for creative industries like festivals, design agencies, events, art galleries, bars, and more.

3D hyper-realism

3D hyper-realism nicely blends hyper-realistic and surreal 3D designs. It may be explained by our desire for escapism: in an increasingly complex and uncertain world, people crave experiences that offer escape and fantasy. 3D hyper-surrealism provides a portal to imaginative landscapes and dreamlike scenarios we can find ourselves.

Both 3D and hyper-realism have been the cherries on the cake during the last few years, especially now when advancements in technology have allowed for the creation of more realistic and immersive 3D designs.

3D hyper-realism incorporates abstract and organic shapes, vibrant colors and experimental fonts. Soon even designers may not recognize a 3D model from the first sight.

Geometric shapes

Simple geometric shapes and fonts are making are coming back for 2024. Geometric shapes' modular nature gives a new source of inspiration - imagine endless ability for repetition, variation, and scaling to shape your design! This makes shapes ideal for creating cohesive design systems, flexible layouts, and dynamic compositions.

Get inspired by reducing the world around you into rudimentary shapes. Geometric shapes, like circles, squares, and triangles, are fundamental building blocks of visual language. Their inherent meaning and symbolism can be used to evoke specific emotions, convey ideas, and guide the viewer's eye within a design.

Although this design trend isn’t suitable for all industries, it’s for projects that want a modern and advanced look. 

Old-tech and retro

An early web vibe is what we expect to see among the graphic design trends in 2024.

We’re quickly coming back into reshaping retro visuals and applying half-tones, art-deco's fractal glass, pixelated arts, risoprints, analog collages, brutalism posters, and other “vintage” designs in our favor. 

This rising graphic design trend powerfully combines retro and modern into one, creating a fresh tech vibe and triggering warm memories and emotional connections for many audiences.

Dot displays and pixels evoke a sense of nostalgia for the early days of video games and personal computers when 4K displays were far from reality. But now, when we dare to find beauty in low-res landscapes, we can mix pixels with high-quality graphics and receive infinite possibilities for creative experiments.  

Abstract Gradients

We love abstract gradients! They were here for some time, but in 2024 they will earn a new place.Abstract gradients embrace a sense of playfulness and experimentation and break the predictability.

Just like in anti-design, you can create an immersive visual story, combine unmatching colors and do whatever you want, as long as your design looks good. The choice of colors and transitions should be carefully considered to resonate with the specific context and target audience of the design.


Minimalism will always be actual, but specifically in 2024, it can earn new means. Audiences are increasingly seeking brands with clear values and simple serving. Minimalism's focus on essential elements aligns with this need for transparency and authenticity.

The return of minimalism by 2024 is not exactly a stylistic trend, but rather a response to evolving cultural, technological, and audience preferences. While there are more and more brands with different visual styles, viewers are rather exhausted and require something simple and easy to digest.

Expect to see minimalist elements woven into various design disciplines, from branding and web design to advertising and product packaging. While other trends may come and go, minimalism's ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level and adapt to changing contexts ensures its continued relevance for years to come.


We can’t say for sure whether we are excited by AI's new role in our life, or devastated. However, it came here to stay. For what it is, a threat for designers all over the world or a new way to design our work - only depends on what we’ll do with it.

In 2024, new tools will come out, and new ways for Artificial Intelligence to generate creative artworks, so we can be sure that AI generations won’t go anywhere. If in 2023 companies just considered it to automate design pipelines, this year AI may take a solid place in our lives and affect us more visibly.

But what can we do with it to be on the tide?

We can find inspiration for our designs and save time, steal ideas on color palettes and concepts, find fresher options for variations, and more.

Eventually, just like companies can use AI, designers can use AI to shape their ideas faster and take on more freelance work and projects. We can win on this too. Apart from that, AI itself can give human work more weight and make it more appreciated.

Bold and vibrant colors

Catch the eye of the audience and give your design new meaning! This bold chromatic explosion is expected to take center stage in 2024’s graphic design. It reflects a cultural shift towards optimism, self-expression, and a break from the monotony of muted tones.

Perfect for social media, posters, and advertisements, vibrant colors can play the role of CTA - catch your audience’s attention and make them take a closer look at what you’re offering.

In 2024, you can embrace the Bauhaus’ saturated hues, and new color combinations for 2024 to be a truly colorful year for graphic design.


The most important message we can share - don’t follow trends blindly. Grab your favorite design tools and let your imagination run wild!

Keep an eye on the rise of inclusivity and accessibility in design. Be mindful of diverse needs and experiences that can unite people of different backgrounds.

Break the boundaries of known and reinvent the past. Get ready for a year of bold experimentation, creative expression, and design that connects us on a deeper level - the viewers will appreciate that most of all!

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