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5 Awesome Logo Animations

Need inspiration for your next project? We’ve prepared a list of great logo animations and advice for beginner motion designers!

These 5 animations are made by talented designers to show each brand from the new side and provide a memorable experience for the audience. Which one is your favorite?  

Alex Gorbunov for OrderUp

The animation looks super clean, it’s got a QR code, then straight in.

It tells a lot about the company just during one animation. And though a design of the logos doesn’t necessarily have to tell a lot about the company, when it comes to animating them you can get a bit more creative with this.

Barthelemy Chalet for Super Design

This animation is not a reveal per se, it’s more like a slick animation. We love the way that it could just be forever looping there. Such logo animations will highly increase engagement, as you'll remember it after interacting with such logo.

It’s like an impossible shape that goes all the way around, but it shows you that simplicity really does work.

Mike-R-Evans for Sniff by u

Here’s a very clever logo animation for a pet store. It’s super friendly and playful, the logo itself is clean, and it’s got a dog in the negative space of the N.

Very jumpy, like a dog. The dog is actually sniffing the bone, which is the I. This is an amazing use of motion in a logo design, strongly making the parallel between the brand's activity and the animation.

Adam Grabowski for Google

When Google rebranded, they changed the logo design to a modern one. The way that they are using motion here explains a lot about the logo decision. The G, the icons, and the pictograms are highlighted with different colors, but these colors stay the same all the way through, thus, becoming a brand system. 

William Kesling for Labs

This next one is from Labs - a simplistic yet captivating morphing logo animation. The story behind the animation with a slight focus on each single part feels minimal, clean, and playful.

The animation is quick to the point and very responsive, it feels like everything is in the right place and at the right time.

The advantages of logo animation

Logo animation can bring a lot of use for the brand, recognized or new. Using a logo in motion, you can tell the story behind its brand, share its unique selling proposition and increase recognition.

The biggest brands around the world use logo animation in their promotional campaigns - Spotify, Amazon, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Pixar, Shazam and many others. 

Animated logos are highly likely to increase engagement, as they capture more attention than static images and create a sense of excitement. 

Advice for beginners:

As a beginner motion designer, you can increase your skill by practicing and animating static logos of famous brands. Eventually, there are plenty of jobs on the market and you’ll be able to create a portfolio, featuring your ability to transform the brand into a story!

If you’re looking for tutorials and tips for motion designers, check our blog - we have articles for After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, graphics design tips and many more.

Good luck with your animations!

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