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5 UI Animation Trends for 2023

3D Motion Graphics

The use of 3D graphics in interfaces has increased 3D animations provide a photorealistic and engaging user experience, allowing for better perception of product dimensions on e-commerce sites.

It's always a good idea to apply this technique on your website - the users will be able to visualize the product you provide, so they are more likely to buy it. Apart from the 3D model of your project, you can show users it's features, visualized way to use it, it's functions and more - such interation will give more details than a simple product description.

Hover Effects

Hover effects remain a UI animation staple with infinite possibilities. They transform website navigation into a playful game, providing an excellent user experience with minimal effort.

This technique is increadibly useful, as it helps users to navigate the website, interact with buttons and links and shape the pleasing experience with your website.

Among many ways to use hover effects, you'll find tooltips that can be activated to give the additional information about the product; transitions to engage your audience and increase the session time; color and shape changes to indicate that the action was complete, shadows that appear onscreen to add an object some physical impression and many more.


Morphing is a transition animation where shapes blend seamlessly. This artistic effect captivates users and adds an attractive background element to the page. 

Many surveys say, that moving shapes increase engagement and session time, as users draw more attention to the animation over the still interface. Such transitions are intuitive, so user won't have any issues with navigation, even if he scrolls the website for the first time.

Quite simple examples of this technique is button animations - as a user clicks on a button, it can change the color or shape to indicate that the action was complete. Another example is a navigation menu - when a user hovers over a menu item, it can transform into subcategories with more options.


Anthropomorphism refers to non-human things exhibiting human attributes, which we find appealing. Designers use subtle anthropomorphic animations to make the experience immersive and put users at ease.

This technique can enrich any website - anthropomorphism is commonly used in UI to enhance user experience by making the product more user-friendly and related. Additionally, many chatbots and digital assistants are designed with anthropomorphic features like personal avatar or human-like voice, to make the process of interaction more approachable.

This technique will always be trending, as it makes users more engaged while scrolling through your website.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography adds a living element to text, setting the tone and capturing users' attention. It offers endless possibilities, from playful squeezing and stretching to hypnotic repetition, making it a popular technique in UI design, TV ads, and music videos.

This technique will always be actual, as it can solve a wide range of tasks - from highlighting the important buttons of your website and creating a sense of urgency, to adding an easy and satisfying, personal feeling and providing your users with relatability of your services.

Most likely, you'll see kinetic typography on the main onboarding screen of your website - the screen with main information about your product and it's features. Such technicue will engage your viewers and warm up the interest to your goods.


The techniques listed above are a very effective way to increase the session time and interest of your users, bring your goods to life and provide a relateble experience. Most likely, the users will remember your website and will be excited about your services. Additionally, you'll make their experience a lot more easier.

Good luch with your incredible website! To learn more about design, graphics, and tips - visit our Educational Blog.

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