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7 creative effects in Premiere Pro

Looking for the creative effects in Premiere Pro? Apply the most interesting ones and easily control them via Effects Control Tab! Let's go through these effects: Mosaic, Channel Blur, Solid Composite, Change to Color, Lens Distortion, Offset and Echo!

Mosaic effect in Premiere Pro

Let's choose the perfect video from the free media library - Viewer+Assets. 

In the Effects tab choose Mosaic and drag it to your video. 

The effect has been applied, now we can control it in the Control Tab. Adjust Vertical and Horizontal blocks to create the effect you want.

Set animation keys to make your video dynamic.

Channel Blur effect in Premiere Pro

Here we can work with channels - adjust them separately: red, green or blue. You can work with Alpha channel and make blur dimensions horizontal or vertical. 

To show channel blur effect best, we set animation with the maximum setting in the beginning of it.

Here how it looks:

We believe, it's great to emphasize the channel blur with sound effect, so let's use glitch. You can have all these sounds in your library from one of our packs - Hyper is perfectly suitable for it. 

Solid Composite effect in Premiere Pro

We'll start from creating the adjustment layer and adding Solid Composite to it:

To create this effect, we choose the Color and Opacity settings. We can also see here a Blending Mode - they're all different and make video look differently. 

Also, you can use a mask to make object differ from each other.

Change to color effects in Premiere Pro

Very easy to use, select Change to Color from the effects tab. Choose the object you want to change - for example a van, like in our video. Select an eyedropper and choose the color you need.

It's very simple and works perfectly, unless you have the same color in the frame, it will be changed too. For this case, editors use masks - you can select the area of work and keep all changes there. If we work with the video, we need to track object so the frame will stick to it. 

Lens Distortion effects in Premiere Pro

This effect distorts the lens. Distortion is an useful effect, which can be applied to many of works. Change the Curvature and apply other adjustments.

Don't overdo with distortion:)

Offset effect in Premiere Pro

Choose the section you want to use. In this particular video, hand movements are great section to use. 

Don't overdo with this effect - it looks good on one part of the video, but not on the whole area. Select the midpoint and set how image will shift. We'll increase the size of image to remove clipped edges. Highlight the keys for smoother animation:

Echo effect in Premiere Pro

In this effect you can control Echo time. Add animation - put the first key with zero value where our effect will begin and mark the place were it ends. In the middle we put the key to it's effect and set the echo time. 

The key to great effect is experimenting - try choosing different options, some may look unexpectedly good. 

Hope you can use some of these effects in your projects! If you want to know more, we advise you to check some of these articles.

Using After Effects? We have guides for you:)

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