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Premiere Pro 2023 - New Features And Updates

Hi, editors!

Adobe Firefly and new AI video editing tools in Premiere Pro.

Inner and Outer Strokes

Now in Premiere Pro 2023 you can finally apply different types of Stroke to your text. Previously there was only one default Center Stroke, but now you got two more Stroke options - Outer and Inner Strokes.

Go to the Type tool and type some text:

Check on the Stroke and select Linear Gradient, choose the desired color:

Here you can create Outer, Inner or Center Stroke for your text:

You can also create an additional Stroke for the same text layer by clicking +.

That’s a nice feature, that allows to customize the text better.

Replaced Eyedropper tool

Another change Adobe added to new Premiere is replaced Eyedropper tool - now you can find it next to the Fill, which makes editing more intuitive and convenient.

Multiple Selections

You can edit several text layers at once - select all layers you want to edit and go to the Essential Graphics panel.

Here you can customize all selected layers at the same time:

Also, you can Copy and Paste Attributes from one layer to another:

But this feature does not yet allow to copy-paste style attributes such as Stroke, Shadow and other.


If you fo to the Essential Graphics panel and after selecting several text layers, you’ll see new workflow area - Align and Transform.

Here you can quickly align your text to Video Frame, to Video Frame as a Group or Align to Selection:

In previous version of Premiere, if you’d choose to align several text layers to the center, they would get smashed in one place. With this new Premiere Pro feature, you can Align to Video Frame as a Group - the selected text layers will be centered within a frame, together and without colliding in one place:

This feature can definitely save a lot of time - now you can center the text correctly without using the Safe Margins!

MOGRTS are Faster

MOGRT files like video templates and graphics became faster to edit and render. As Adobe promises, it’s installation and launch times now 35% faster - and if you're a mac user, you'll experience 70% faster editing.  

Let’s see how it goes with our Titles Pro - you can import the MOGRT file within a seconds:

Same goes for rendering - Premiere 2023 uses multiframe rendering to process the render data faster:

As always, the speed of render depends on your hardware and it’s attributes.

Eventually, this is our favourite feature, since now you can work with our templates even faster and save time!

To sum up

We were satisfied with this Premiere Pro update, since it have brought some previously lacking flexibility to daily editing. Each feature makes Premiere Pro even better than it already is.

We’re confident that some of these features would be useful to you and your projects.

If you’re wondering what’s new in After Effects 2023 update - read this guide to catch up!  

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