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Auto Reframe Sequence in Premiere Pro | Quick Tutorial

Hi, editor! If you're just a beginner - this tutorial could be the one you need. Let's learn how to use auto reframe sequence in Premiere Pro! This is the best way to create a video with any ratio from any vertical one - make an object the center of your video.

How to add a video

Here we have an open sequence with an aspect ratio 9x16. For our example, we'll use EasyEdit Assets to find videos that suit us and choose the one what we need. Click Import button and the video will go directly to the Timeline. Right-click on the video and select scale to frame size. We have stretched the original video to fill the entire frame, but since the object is moving, it comes out the frame and doesn't work out well.

Auto reframe effect

Copy the video and go to the Effects tab. Pick auto reframe effect and place it on the copy - we can see the difference after it's being analyzed. 

Scaling the video to frame size

Turn off the top layer; in the first version the girl is behind the scenes, she's not even visible and the video where we applied the effect is in the center of the frame: the frame moves with the object.Now on the video, it turned out a little shaking. You can remove it in the effect settings.In the Motion Tracking section, select Slower Motion. We'll add more transparency to the first video, so we can see the difference. You can clearly see how the effect is coping at the beginning of the video.

Setting Slower Motion

Manual Frame adjustment

Now we can move on to the next sequence: with an aspect ratio of 1x1, select the video from Asset Tab. Repeat same actions - scale it to frame size and other. One of the ways to do that (the harder one) - change the position and arrange the keys so the subject is always in the center of the frame. Place the keys:

Placing the keys manually

Since it takes too much time, we suggest the other option - in Motion Tracking, set Slower Motion. Now we got a great square video.

Placing the subject on the center in a square video

Auto reframe sequence

Let's try it on 16x9 ratio. We made a short video from footage we've found in Assets and placed the videos on the timeline. On the videos, the girl is always either on the lift or right side - if we make a sequence vertical, we won't see her.  If you right-click on the sequence and select auto reframe sequence item we can apply the effect to the entire footage at once. 

Auto reframe the whole sequence

Name it, select the aspect ratio or the custom line to create your own settings. Check the Nested Clips checkbox. This will leave all of your videos in their original format and won't apply transitions to them.After the effect is loaded in all videos, we can see that the location of the object has changed. The girl is always on the center of the frame.

 Hope this tutorial was useful! You can also check how to create a gif in 3 wayshologram effect or freeze frame in Premiere Pro. Don't miss our next tutorial:)