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How to Create Hologram Effect in Premiere Pro

Hi, editors!Last week we've learned how to remove the green screen in AE. In this week's tutorial, we'll create a hologram effect from scratch.

Let's start!

What do we need

First thing, we need materials that can help us create the effect - we decided to pick a video with the ability to simulate movements on it. 

Choosing the video material

The next thing - we'll choose the desired piece, the one we want to create a hologram from:

Choosing the video material

Eventually, put it on the main layer, to the point where our effect should start. 

Ordering your layers

Prepare your files and sync video layers

After that, in the effect tab select crop - it will allow you to remove unnecessary parts from the video.

To do this, go to Effect Controls and adjust the parameters you need. The effect should appear after double-clicking on the clock sheaf - at this moment we put the top layer. 

Effect controls

Use the hotkey R (which stands for Rate Stretch Tool) - we speed up or slow down different parts of the video. Here we will be guided by hand movements in the background video. Thus, we substitute all movements in two videos into one scene. 

Sync two videos

Once our movements started to match the hologram, go ahead and select these parts of the video and right-click Nest.

Nesting your videos

Color balance RGB

After selecting our layer, you can start applying effects to it, so it could look more hologramic. Color Balance - RGB - This effect will help us create an artificial color for our hologram by adjusting the three color indicators, choose the one that suits you best. 

Creating hologram colors

Wave Warp and Alpha Glow

After this we select Wave Warp, go to the Effect Settings and choose Smooth Noize. Then choose Direction and set it to value zero. Slightly increase the wave speed.

Adjusting Smooth Noize effect

Back to the effects tab, select Alpha Glow, after that, set your values to Glow and Brightness! Also choose the color of it. 


Now our effect already looks like a hologram!Let's place it.

3D Effect

Find the basic 3d effect. This effect allows you to rotate the image on all three dimensions. We adjust the desired position and move on to setting up motion. 

Placing our image

In our case, we will place the image exactly above the clock and 1)increase the size, 2)reduce the transparency. 

Reducing the transparency/opacity

Press enter and render to see our effect in good quality. While it's running, you can check our channel so as not to miss the tutorial on working in Premiere ProAfter Effects, and much more😍

Animating the Hologram

Now it's our favorite moment - let's animate this effect! 

On the first frame, set keyframes on the moment where your animation will begin and set the same values to an ending (in our case it's ten frames). We return for the first points, making the smallest scale. 

Place it on the starting point in the center of the clock. Also, set the opacity to zero. Now we got our animation - but to add realism to it, you need to use certain settings for the keys: Let's put Easy Out for the first ones. And for the second - there will be Easy In. If you need you can see and correct the dynamics of the animation:

Setting the Keys

You can do the same to the opacity keys. Now our animation has non-linear dynamics. 

Adjusting the sequence

Adding sound design 

An important part of all effects is sound design. The viewer plugin helps a lot with this, so as  Hyper Pack. Here, in addition to a large number of graphic templates, there are very useful sounds the link to which we will leave in the description. 

Our effect starts from clicking the button twice. We expose the loudest part at the moment of hitting a button. 

Choosing sounds from the sound panel

By pressing the G key, we call our Audio Gain window to immediately adjust the volume. 

Adding more effects: for example, the moment of hologram activation would perfectly match with the Whooshes section; since it's a digital effect, we wanted to add some more glitch sound to it. 

Audio Gain window

Further, according to the same scheme, we select the sounds for scrolling and clicking like; we also decided to add the opening sounds to the end.

Picking the sounds we like

This way, simply and quickly we used voices from the Hyper set to make our hologram living. Now you can add music and render the video.  Do you like our lesson and found it useful? We hope you do!

Come back any time - we have new tutorials every week - both for Premiere Pro and After Effects. See you😊

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