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How to change framerate in DaVinci Resolve: Timeline and Project

This article is a part of our tutorial Main Mistakes Beginners Make in DaVinci Resolve.

Where to find, set and change framerate

Framerate can greatly affect your project, especially if you don’t know how to set it.

First of all, project framerate and clip attributes are two different settings - first is responsible for your project framerate, and second for the framerate you’ve recorded your video in.

When you first import your video to DaVinci Resolve and it has a framerate different from 24 fps, you will get a warning - change or keep your project settings.

 Once you selected your option, you won’t be able to change the timeline frame rate in DaVinci Resolve, so it’s important that you know what framerate you need for your video. 

To check on your video framerate, click on your clip and select Clip Attributes and you’ll get the window with your video settings, Video Framerate will appear first in the list. Here you can change your video fps.

To check on your project framerate, click on Project Settings>Master Settings and find the resolution you need under the Timeline Format.  

How to change timeline framerate in DaVinci Resolve

Though, if you will need to change the timeline framerate, you can use this tip:

Go to the File>New Timeline and uncheck Use Project Settings in the left corner of the appearing window. After this, you’ll be able to change your timeline framerate. Select the framerate you need and click Create.  

Now you’ll see a new empty timeline with the framerate you chose and all you have to do is copy the clip from the previous timeline to the new one.

Use Ctrl+A(Command+A) and Ctrl+C(Command+C) to copy clips from the old timeline and Ctrl+V(Command+V) to paste them to your new timeline.

Also, you can go to the Edit>Copy and switch to the new timeline to paste the clips.

Done! Now you’ve changed the framerate in DaVinci Resolve.  

DaVinci Resolve templates + framerate

Also, fps setting can be an issue for our DaVinci editors. If your screen blacks out or you can’t see the templates you’re importing - most likely, you set the framerate, incompatible with the project.

Check the frame rate of your timeline. The needed frame rate is necessary for the templates to work correctly. Scenes can be made in several different framerates - ( 24, 25, 30, 50, 60 etc.)

To check your frame rate go to Timeline Settings in the Media Pool window.

You can set the required frame rate in the Project Settings menu and on the Timeline settings separately.

You can also set the required frame rate into Project Settings when creating a new project:

Sum Up

Hope this guide was useful!

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