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How to Add, Customize and Animate Text in Premiere Pro

Skills you need to work with text in Premiere Pro!

How to add text to the video/image in Premiere Pro?

We add an image for demonstration, but all these actions can be done for video as well. In thewindow with the tool, select the type tool. Click on background and enteryour text. A track with the name graphics appears on the sequence.

How to edit text in Premiere Pro? Where is my Title Editor?

Go to the Effect controls panel In the Text Tab. You canchange the font and the color of the text. Choose a location.

How to animate text in Premiere Pro?

Set the starting position for the text from where you want to start theanimation on the Timeline > Select the time when we start the animation. Click on the clockin the “position” line. This will give us the opportunity to arrange the “keyframe”. We move half asecond forward to the timeline. And we change the location of our text, where we want to place itat the end of the animation. 

Let's try to do the same thing not only with movement but with the help -opacity. Select thestarting point of the animation. Then put the end point of the animation and the opacity value willbe zero. It turns out such an effect. You can speed it up by dragging the final keyframe to thestarting one.

We can add any video effect to our text. For a more cinematic animation of our captions, let's trythe effect. For example, we choose fast blur > double click.

Go to the Effect Controls panel > in the Fast Blur tab atthe beginning of the movement we set the value to bluriness close to 50 > At the end - zero

How to make smoothe text animation in Premiere Pro?

An important part for creating high-quality animation is the dynamic movement. Here is an example.Copy and paste our working layers next to each other. In the Effects Control window select keyframein the position line > Right click > Temporal interpolation > Bezier. Animationhas become less linear.

For more accurate adjustments click on the arrow near Position. And manually set the dynamicsof the dynamics of our animation.

How quickly create proffesional titles?

There is a faster and more convenient way to create high-quality captions. Now on the Internet ahuge number of sets with graphic animation for Premiere Pro. How to work with them I will show youon the example of a set with a large number of titles from EasyEdit. it saves a lot of time whencreating a video.

🔥Here is link to all templates for Premiere Pro from EasyEdit Studio

We choose a template suitable for us. Drag it to the Timeline.Go to the window for working with graphics. And set it up in a couple of clicks. Turn off background and see how it looks on our background. Fine. Here we can change the font, enter the text we need. Change the size of the whole element and each part of it individually. Choose the colors that suit us.

So in Essential Graphics you can customize any title as you like.

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