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How to collect all project files in Premiere Pro


In this tutorial, we'll learn how to save and organize all the files from a project.

Let's take a look at this project as an example. Here we have video files: sound track, adjustment layer, graphic elements and watermark.This is how our sequence looks like with all these elements.

To create this video, I`ve used a set of templates and graphic elements from the Hyper project by EasyEdit studio office.

There is a huge variety of titles, graphics, transitions, sounds and even more.Now we need to save the entire assembled project in this form.To do this, click. File > Project Manager.

In this window, select the sequence that we need to save the video >Collect files and copy to a new location > Press Exclude Unused Clips to keep only the original files that you used in your project.Include Audio Conform Files > Include Previev Files > Rename Media Files to Match Clip Names.

This window displays information about the size of your disk and the size of the entire project. And the size of what we are going to copy now.By disabling these features, our file size will be smaller.Press OK button and let`s start copying.

After that close Premiere Pro. And now go to a video folder with all the elements of our project.

This folder can be sent to another person so that he can fully and correctly open the project. By clicking on the file with the name of the project, it will open already in Premiere Pro. Just wait a few seconds and all our files will be uploaded. All files are in place and everything works correctly.With this method, you can easily share your projects with all required files.