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Video Templates for fast editing

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How to Create Fast Forward Effect

Hi, editor! In this tutorial, we'll create fast forward effect using several different methods. Want to know which one is the best?

Let's add a video you need to the Timeline. For our example, we'll get one from our Viewer+Assets, which are sorted and organized in different groups. It's easy to use so you can always find the one you need in our Assets. It's also very easy to use with our packs of templates

First method to create Fast Forward effect

Let's choose the points where we'll start and end acceleration. To quickly cut the video, use Razor tool(C) to cut the video at the moment you need. 

Press the R to change the speed, the percentage of video speed would be shown there. 

Second method to create Fast Forward effect

Double click on your timeline and choose speed. When the acceleration starts, we'll create a keyframe. Next, we'll add a second point of acceleration. 

Let's move the line up to increase the speed in this part of the video. Now the result is the same, but with sharp video acceleration. The keys we've created have two parts. Moving them apart, we see that the dynamics become smoother. 

Adjustment tool can also help you to smoother dynamics of speed change. By moving these sliders, you can achieve different results. 

Speed/duration tool

Speed/duration tool is also an easy one. You can find it in the menu if you right-click your layer. This shows the speed in percentage and the duration of the video. These values are dependant - changing one will change another. 

Another useful feature is Reverse Speed - you can use it to play your video in reverse. We can also use it for the video rewind effect.

Simply, select the part you want to play in reverse order; delete the extra fragment; hold the Option key and duplicate this effect. Select the second fragment and go to the Speed/Duration window. Choose reverse speed. 

Fast forward transition

Let's create the acceleration transition, using two clips. Rate stretch tool will allow us to speed them up. It's necessary to accelerate by the same number of percent. 

You can also do it with the help of smooth acceleration - turn on the speed display and do a smooth deceleration at the usual speed. We can change the positions of our keys to get different results.

Using acceleration as transition

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Here's the result! Hope you've found what's working for you the best! If you need other tutorials for Premiere Pro, you can check our blog. Good luck with creating an effect!

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