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How to Create GIFs in 3 Easy Ways

If you'll ever need to make gifs quickly, you'd be glad to have our article saved

1. Adobe Media Encoder

First and foremost - Adobe Media Encoder which uses existing presets or custom settings to encode and transcode media files in different video and audio formats. To encode an item, add it to the encoding queue. 

Encoding queue 

After, by opening an Export Settings block, you can choose Animated Gif format. Adjust characteristics you need - quality, size, FPS value.

Choose correct format, quality, size and FPS value

Finally, select the path to save your Gif and name it. Don't forget to render it!😌

Saving the file

This method is undoubtedly great and fast, but it can make your file weight a lot, even with the reduced quality and the size of the Gif file. For example, 10 MB is barely suitable for we suggest the next method!

2. Adobe Photoshop

Lets consider that you already have an MP4 video. To import your video you can just drag&drop your file to Adobe Photoshop, so it's showing on a timeline. You can set FPS value(Timeline Frame Rate) this way:

Timeline Frame Rate in Photoshop

Then save your file for Web (Legacy). This window will also allow you to change all the characteristics you want such as size, color depth and other settings to your presets.

Safe for Web

Then clicks save, select the file name and wait. 

Saving the file

The Gif is ready! As you can see, the quality remains good and the size of a GIF file is only 1MB which is suitable for use in the Web.

3. Make GIFs online

The third alternative method is converting the video to a GIF online. Google “MP4 to Gif” online and choose the first option. Import your video and set the characteristics. This method is working but also there're restrictions on imported video formats, size and quality. Choose the appropriate parameters for your Gif file, click convert and then download. Done!

Making a Gif online

Thank you for watching! Hope you will have many good opportunities to use your new skill - and come back any time you need it. In a meantime we're quite certain that you're looking for this…

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