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Video Templates for fast editing

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How to start in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Learn Premiere Pro in 20 minutes. The most useful basics you need to know.

How to start? How to create new project in Premiere Pro?

After starting the program, such  window opens.Here we see a list of projects we have worked with before. Clicking on one of them mimmediatelyopens the last save of this project.>Now create a new project

What settings to setup for a new project in Premiere Pro?

Give a name to your project > Select the folder where it will be stored > choose rendersettingsThe “render” line displays the options for the renderering. The options depend on yourvideo card and operating system. There can be a “software only” option. But if thereare alternative options, then it is better to choose them. Then the rendering depends on the powerof your video card and software.

The main Work Area in Premiere Pro. It opens in front of you.

How to import files in Premiere Pro?

You can import your files by double clicking in the project window.Select files > Click import >Now the files are in the program.

There is another convenient import option.Open the file folder > And just drag the file into the “project” window > File added

By turning on the image view as a list and expanding it you can see file information > frames per second (basically it is 24 frames per second)

How to create a sequence in Premiere Pro? What setting to adjust?

Right-click in the project window in a free place > New item > Sequence.

Here is a list of ready-made sequence presets for different formats > we need a sequence with an aspect ratio of 1920x1080 > 24 frames per second > you can also manually set the parameters for the sequence > Give a name > OK Now our timeline is active.

Click Assembly > Here is the whole window so that it will be convenient to look throughall the materials and choose what you need from it.You can quickly browse through the mouse cursor over the file. Using the drag and dropmethod we can group files as we like.

How to work with files in Premiere Pro?

Double-click on the footage opens a view window.Move the slider and view the file.

Then just drag and drop the video into the timeline.

All the windows that are in front of us, you can swap, close or add new ones.You can drag the video directly from the project window on the timeline.

How to color correct in Premiere Pro? Where is Lumetri color in Premiere Pro? 

Let's get acquainted with the main tools for this.Go to the Color tab > Choose the fragment that we will paint > The Lumetri Colorwindow contains all the tools for color correction. Some of them have automatic white balance.

How to adjust color with Lumetri color panel in Premiere Pro?

Select this tool > click on the whitest part of the video. Then you can fix it manually. 

In the creative tab there are shadow tint and highlight tint controls. They are made in the form of circles and moving along them edits the video color.

You have a section with ready-made color grading options. Low the intensity. 

So individually, we can change color of each frame.

How to change all the videos in one color version? 

Adjustment layer > applying the settings to this layer they will be visible on thebottom layer  > Go to the “project” window > New item> Adjustment layer > Check the settings in this window > They must matchthe settings of your sequence > Drag it to the Timeline > stretch it to the wholeclip

How to turn off color effects/changes in Premiere Pro?

In the Effects Control window find the lumetri color tab > push this button. It disablesapplied effects. It works with all other effects.

How to add and adjust video effects in Premiere Pro?

Settings for all applied effects and the main parameters of the video change are in the Effectcontrols tab. Here you can change Position Scale and Rotation.

Where are keyframes? How to adjust keyframes in Premiere Pro to create an effect?

Put the Keyframe at the beginning of the video for the scale effect. At the first point, wepoison the original values ​​of the frame. And at the end change the values ​​and put the face inthe center of the frame. Now you have a smooth movement of the camera forward.

How to add an effect and adjust it?

Effects tab > all standard effects are collected here > Fast blur > to applyit double-click

In the Efect controls window we see the settings for this effect.

Second method how to add an effect to a video. You can just grab it and drag it onto the videoyou need. In the settings change the parameter value > Blurriness. 

How to Apply&Modify transitions in Premiere Pro?

In the Effects window there are transitions which will help make your video moreinteresting.Choose the transition that suits us > insert it between two frames > double-click on thetransition on the timeline > a window opens where you can modify it > increase theduration of the transition, so make it shorter.

How to add music in Premiere Pro? How to adjust audio track?

Sound is an important part of your video.You can add music by dragging it from the project window to the timeline.Track “A 1” and below specifically for music.You can adjust the volume of each track separately using the Audio track mixer. Our file is on the first track, so we need to adjust the volume here. For an example we will place an audio file on the second track. And controlling these buttons, we set different volumes between the tracks.

How to add graphics to video in Premiere Pro? How to use Essential Graphics Panel?

If you want to make beautiful and interesting forms, you cannot do without graphics.In the Essential Graphics Panel it is possible to work with graphic files.The program itself has a small set of standard graphic elements so I use ready-made kits fromEasyEdit.To add this file to our video just grab and drag it to the desired location.

By clicking on the graphic element twice a window opens for editing it.Here you can change everything: Text, Font, Size and Layout.

Why is my Timeline red in Premiere Pro? How to solve the issue?

If you have a red bar on the timeline it means that you have a section in which there are heavy elements for your computer and it will not be able to reproduce them without slowing down.To continue to work comfortably you need to render this part. Press the “i” button at the beginning and the “O” button at the end of the section. Press Enter and wait.Now it is playing perfectly.

How to export? Best settings for exporting video in Premiere Pro?

Before exporting the video, make sure that there are no input or output points on thetimeline. 

Click file > Export > Media

In the export window you can see the video that we save.For all modern platforms, the most popular video codec is. H.264. > standard preset >change the name of your file and indicate where to save it > click export 

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