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How to create TYPEWRITER effect in Premiere Pro

Hi! It's Premiere Pro tutorial. In this tutorial we'll show you how to create a typed text effect in premiere pro.

Essential Graphics panel

Firstly, to create typewriter effect, select the type tool and create some text. Select it and go to the Essential Graphics tab. If you don't have such a tab the left part of your screen, open the windows panel and choose the window you need. 

Adjusting your text layer

The window contains all the settings for our text. Let's choose a font that suits our style. This one looks like a typeface, here you can change the size and set it to the center of the frame.

Applying Linear wipe

Now we have a section of video with static text. Go to the Effect tab>Video Effects>Linear wipe and double click. Here we set the transition and the angle at which we need to overlap. 

Create the keys to animate

So that the text closes form left to right. In this case, our angle is 270. Now, using the animation keys, create the effect of rolling the text.

Create a rectangle shape to use as a cursor

By moving the keys, we select the optimal speed for our text opening, now let's create a cursor. Select the rectangle tool and draw the cursor:

Place the keys

Here you can change the color and adjust the size. I will set the first layer with the cursor so that it appears at the beginning and then the text will go. 

We put the cursor at the beginning of the text and put the key and at the end of the text after opening it - this is the effect.

Crop your video

View frame by frame for errors and correct it manually. Now let's add naturalness to our cursor and make it shimmer. There are several ways, let's take a look at the simplest and fastest. With the Shift key and the left arrow key, we switch to five frames and crop the video. 

Delete every second frame

Select every second fragment and delete it. Great, we got the result. 

To make our effect complete, we can add sound. We will use a file from the free resources on the internet. You can crop, speed up or slow down based on the speed of your animation.

Add keyboard sound

We choose the moment where the text appears and adjust the sound of the keyboard:

Make sure your sound is matching the video

If you need to make changes to the cursor layer, click on it with the right mouse button and choose Nest. This will collect all the selections into one layer. You can also combine the entire effect into one layer for later use in your project. 

Nest layers

For everyday work, it's easier to use ready-made animation sets. In this case, it's the Titles Pro pack from our projects. Here's a large number of Kinetic, Liquid, Digital and other animated text templates that you can use in your work and customize in a matter of seconds.

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