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How to optimize perfomance in Adobe Premiere Pro?

🤯 Have you ever asked: Why is Premiere Pro so slow?

Do you need some tips for BETTER PERFOMANCE?In our new tutorial we show how to optimize perfomance in Adobe Premiere Pro.10 WAYS to make Premiere Pro faster! Speed up your videos!😍

1 - Change Playback Resolution

If the video in the playback is not stable change the resolution in the lower right corner 1/2 1/4 or more

2 - Hight Quality Playback

Press the right mouse button on the playback to disable the high quality playback function for smooth video playback

3 - GPU Accelerated Rendering

To increase the speed of rendering include a video card in the work.

4 - RAM Settings

Adobe Premiere Pro has the ability to select the amount of RAM that will be reserved for the program. Open Premiere Pro > Preferences > Memory and select how much RAM will be used for Adobe Premiere Pro.

5 - Clean Cache

To clear program from unnecessary cache files click Preferences > Media Cache > Delete. And choose what to delete - used media cache or all media cache files from the system

6 - Proxy layers

To create a proxy layer select the video you need and one right-click. Choose a roxy > create proxy > choose the format QuickTime > press OK

After that the Adobe Media Encoder program opens. The program can be downloaded from the official Adobe website. At the end of the proxy creation a green checkmark will appear next to the file. Return to Adobe Premiere Pro.

7 - Partial Render

To run render select the segment you want and open the sequence. Render selection or another type of render if you need. This process takes time, but it is the most efficient

8 - Turn off effects

In the playback window there is a button to turn on and off all effects. Turning them off significantly improves the quality of video playback in the program

9 - Lumetri Scopes

Lumetri scopes window loads Adobe Premiere Pro heavily. In order to work faster it is better to close this window when you are not working with color grading

10 - Update Drivers

For the correct and fast operation of Adobe Premiere Pro don`t forget to update the drivers on your computer

Save your time and edit like a pro!

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