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Video Templates for fast editing

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How to import/open and edit MOGRT files in Premiere Pro?

Here is everything you need to know to use MOGRT files in Premiere Pro😍

What is motion graphic templates?

This format was created by Adobe to speed up the processof editing and improve its quality in Adobe programs.

What is a MOGRT file?

These files were created in After Effects to work in Adobe PremierePro. This format appeared in version 2018. So there may be some problems with using earlier versions.

Where I can download MOGRT files?

You can download motion graphics templates on the or google search

How to use MOGRT files?

How to Open / Import MOGRT files in Rremiere Pro?There are three options how to install MOGRT files:

Option 1 - Open the tab for working with graphics

In the window necessary graphics click this button

Select the element you need. The disadvantage of this method is that you can add files only one by one

Option 2 - Import folder with all MOGRT files

At the top of the window select the Management Additional Folders

In the window that has opens > click the Add button > select the folder with your files

In this window, you can rename the folder as you want

For convenient search click on the local button and select the set you need

Option 3 - How to take and add mogrt to the program folder

The installation paths to these folders are listed below:

Mac Os: 

{YOUR USERNAME}/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates/


/Users/{YOUR USERNAME}/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates/

Check for hidden folders on windows if you can't find.

2. How to customize MOGRT files?

Create you sequence > add the elements that you'vedownloaded before

Put intro at the beginning of the video > add a nice transition > put some graphic elements> at the end of the video post links to social networks.

Adobe Premiere Pro has stopped working⚠️ A problem has caused the program to stop work correctly. Sometimes there may be files to work with you must have installed After Effects on your computer.Also check if AE and Premiere Pro versions are the same. Now set up our MOGRT.

Change the font⤵️

Put the transition above your footages and select the colors you need.

In these elements ⤵️ we change the size, position and color

You can put social networks icons in the end of the video. Change the color. It is possible toremove some of them and change the logo.

Congratulations! You are pro at working with MOGRTS in Premiere Pro

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