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Video Templates for fast editing

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How to use timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro

What is Timeline? Where is the timeline in Premiere Pro? How do I make a timeline in Premiere Pro? How do I view two timelines in Premiere?And many other questions you`ll find answer for in this tutorial🤩

Create a sequence

Create a sequence > Choose the aspect ratio 16 by 9

Add music

Add music > To change the timeline scale use these buttons - plus and minus.If you have a touchpad, you can control through it.

Place it on the Timeline

Select the first video and place it on the Timeline > Choose the moment where a person appears in the frame > the rest of the video can be trimmed in such a simple way: Grab the edge and pull.

Razor tool

You can also use the “razor tool” to trim the video > Press C on the keyboard > Click on the place where you want to cut > video is divided into two parts.

Selection tool

Next, switch to the “selection tool” mode > Press V on the keyboard > And remove the excess part of the video.

Adjusting videos and audios

The third option is to trim the video.Set the moment where you want to trim > press W on the keyboard > trim the right side with the rest of the materials to the left.But if you do not have other tracks blocked, then they will be cut too. To cancel the last action, press “command + Z”. To avoid cropping other tracks, lock the tracks by pressing the lock.

In this video we will make transitions to the sound of bits.Select the next footage in the project window > double-click > Choose an entry point > Press “I” on the keyboard > And the exit point “O” button on the keyboard.

Drag to the timeline of the selected area > press “W” and crop the excess part of the video > pass to the next footage > double click > Hotkeys “I” and “O” > Select the desired fragment > Instead of the pulling by hand press the “>” button on the keyboard > By pressing the “<” key, the footage is placed on the left side.By placing the pointer between the view on the timeline and inserting the selected part, the material is shifted to the right.

Trim the rest of the video according to the music.Do the same with the following file.Select entry and exit points > Move to Timeline with the “W” key > choose this part of the video where the guy beautifully glides on a skateboard > make a smooth slowdown of this trick.

Press the Fn button > select time remapping > Opacity > select the fragment that we want to slow down > And pull down to slow down the playback speed > For a smooth change in speed work with these sliders and make the curved line smoother.

Pull the video under the sound clip > Choose an entry and exit point. You can drag the selected area by left-clicking. Selected and clicked “>”. Video on the timeline, found the place of gluing and pressed “W”. When a part of our video has already been selected, and we cannot change the duration, But the fragment does not suit.

You can use Slip tool > Press Y.This will allow us to change our fragment without changing the duration of the fragment.Select the next fragmen > set entry and exit points > Transfer to Timeline > use this sound clip for this video > To do this place the file closer to this effect. Using the “Rolling Editing tool” drag the places for gluing the video. This fragment will slow down and increase its duration.

Select the “rate stretch tool” > Press R on keybord > stretch > cut the frames from the video in those areas where there is no music > get such an effect.

Select the next fragment > add it to the Timeline > take the fragment where the skater moves up > substitute it under the next frame to look beautiful and organic > remove the block on the sound track > remove the excess part.Now let`s make a smooth dimming and fading of the music at the end of the video.Put a point in the place where the blackout begins on the last frame > do linear dimming.The dimming with the curve dynamics will look better. To do this right-click on the points > select one of the dynamics options > Choose Bezier > adjusting the blue stripes you can adjust the smoothness as you need.

We do the same thing with music. Set the points > build a curve of attenuation.

Add pre-made graphics using EasyEdit Viewer

For quick and easy video editing, use off-the-shelf graphic elements. I have them collected in the EasyEdit Viewer window. Here are the basic elements that are used in video creating. Titles. Infographics. Graphics for social networks. Lower thirds. Transitions and sound effects.

Just by clicking on the template the credits go to the Timeline.Click on the text > change it > In the “Effects controls” window change the scale > Set the duration you need > change position.It is important that when you change the duration of the titles, do not lose the initial and starting animation.

Add lower third > Select and click.Also, in the window “Essential Graphics” you can change the text, font, colors and more. At the end of the video, put the YouTube-style graphics. By double-clicking on an element, you can immediately change the position, size and rotation on the playback. Beautifully set in the frame and done.

Export our video

Great, you can export our video.Click the file > Export > Media or command + M on the keyboard > Select the format > name the video > check the settings > click Export.

For the correct exported video from Adobe Premiere Pro to YouTube. watch our another tutorial.