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12 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know to Work in Premiere Pro

Hi, it's again! 

Have you ever wondered if you could speed up your editing in Premiere Pro? We bet you have. Whether you're a regular user or a newbie, our tutorial can help you a lot. For the starters, we took some videos from our Viewer Extension and added them to the timeline. The extension collects dozens of images, videos and GIFs you may need for your work. Here go the hotkeys:

Hotkeys in Premiere Pro

~(tilde) - By using the tilde key we can open the working area in full screen. It's especially useful if you work with a large project and need to see the entire timeline or enlarge the monitor any time

Enlarge the screen by using~

+- - By using the plus and minus keys we increase and decrease timeline to approach exact point of reproduction. To enlarge another area of our timeline use mouse wheel or touchpad

Increase and decrease the timeline by using +-

↑↓ - Up and down arrows help us with getting to the edit point of new scene in our timeline(which is even more useful when you need to switch between the scenes)

Move to the new edit point with ↑↓ arrows

←→ Left and right arrows let us move between frames. Hold Shift to move through every 5 frames.

Move between frames with ←→

C - Press the C key and click on the particular place of the element you want to cut in 2 pieces.

Cut the element with C key

C+Shift The fastest way to cut all the layers below. It applies both for video and audio tracks and used to avoid cutting each layer by hand. 

Cut everything below the cursor with C+Shift

Q/W Good to know, if you want to cut the area on the left side, press Q and if you want to cut the area on the right side - press W

Q for the left side and W for the right side

Command+C  Copy clip to duplicate it and Command + V to paste it. Super easy. You can also press the Option key to do the same.

Duplicate with Option key

The real time saviour. Hold the Command key to swap elements without changing a timing.

Command key to swap the elements inside of the timeline

J K L  - These keys stand for fast forward, rewind and the pause. Each second press speeds up rewind by two times. Did you know that?

Forward, rewind and pause with J, K and L keys

N Press the N key and you will change the place of gluing with one movement.

Glue the parts with N

Call the audio gain window for volume adjustments of your file by clicking G key. The other way to do it is by right clicking on you file.

Audio gain window by clicking G

A /A+Shift  Press A key to select all files right of the cursor at once. The A+Shift will select all files left of the cursor. 

Selecting all files left of the cursor with A+Shift

I  , O - If you want to quickly view the material from point A to point B, you're going to need the hotkeys I(to pick the beginning) and O(to pick the ending). Drag it to the timeline. 

Choose the points of  your video with I&O keys

Wrap up

These are the easiest and most useful hotkeys for Premiere Pro, but you can still customize them if you want. Click Premiere Pro>Keyboard Shortcuts. Here is the full list of shortcuts you can use and the way to change them if needed - find the command you want and change the shortcut by clicking on it's symbol.

Customize shortcuts

Just like that! If you have only started with Adobe Premiere Pro or need to refresh the basics - we're advising you to check our tutorial for beginners😍

Want to know more? Check our YouTube Channel with tutorials for every case you'll ever need.

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