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Top 5 Mograph YouTube Channels

Do you want to learn motion design but still looking for good tutorials? These YouTube Channels would be the best choice for you!

All of the creators below have been making tutorials for years, growing the new generation of motion designers, most likely you already know some of the names below, but in case you didn’t - check their channels to get your motion design to the next level!


Established in: 2006

Software: After Effects

Country: United States

You can’t have a list of tutorial channels without mentioning the legendary Andrew Kramer. He’s been teaching tips and tricks, building tools and providing libraries of content for After Effects for years - long before most people started to use it!

Andrew Kramer has started in 2005 and the resource quickly gained a massive following due to its innovative approach and fresh look into motion design and VFX.

The tutorials cover a wide range of topics, including visual effects, motion graphics design, 3D animation, compositing and more.

Additionally, Andrew Kramer developed Element 3D, a great rendering plugin for After Effects that allows one to create realistic 3D objects directly in After Effects.

Ben Marriott

Established in: 2013

Software: After Effects

Country: Australia

Ben Marriott is an Australian YouTuber, freelance motion designer and illustrator based in Sydney. His channel has various animation and video/photo editing tutorials on After Effects and motion design.

He gained a huge audience due to his unique style - he often blends hand-drawn elements with digital techniques, applies bold colors, fluid movements and dynamic characters.

Being a self-taught artist, Ben Marriott spreads his knowledges for free to a wide audience, sharing the best practices he’s accomplished while studying animation himself.

Motion Design School

Established in: 2017

Software: After Effects

Country: United States

One of the biggest online motion design schools. With more than 120000+ students from 186 countries it has become a truly worldwide community of people passionate about motion design and animation.

Motion Design School offers a wide range of courses and workshops to teach their students motion design, character animation, 3D animation, visual effects and graphics for freelance, film, television, advertising or digital media areas.


Established in: 2009

Software: After Effects

Country: Canada

Evan Abrams is a mograph veteran who shares tips and tricks that he wishes he knew about as a junior artist. An awesome resource for After Effects animation, expressions and industry vlogs.

He is known for the ability to simplify and cover complex topics and techniques, making them accessible to learners of all levels. On this channel, you’ll find a wide range of tutorials about animation, compositing, visual effects and much more.

Evan Abrams is widely respected in the motion design community for his contributions to the field and unique teaching process.

Dope Motions

Established in: 2014

Software: After Effects

Country: India

Dope Motions aim to release high-quality graphics and VFX tutorials. They make learning process interesting and simpler, while sharing the latest trends in their tutorials.

Check this channel if you want to learn step by step and create kinetic typography, wide range of logo animations, various title animations or dynamic intros.


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