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Top 5 Motion Design Podcasts

Hi, fellow designers! 

We’ve prepared a list of great Motion Design Podcasts you definitely need to hear. Insights, design tips, career paths, and much more - everything you’ll need to know is weekly discussed on The Collective Podcast, Animalators, Life With Motion, Greyscalegorilla Podcast or Motion Hatch.

Professional or newbie, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge here. So, what are the best podcasts for motion designers?

The Collective Podcast

From technical insights to work/life balance issues - The Collective Podcast covers everything you need to know about the field.

Created and hosted by Ash Thorp, the episodes come out biweekly and suggest a lot of deep and informative discussions with prominent motion designers.


Amazing episodes hosted by Zac Dixon will give you a deep understanding of animation and motion design.

Each episode of the Animalators podcast is around 45 minutes long and covers a range of topics like personal experience of the guests, their career paths and backgrounds. 

Life With Motion

By listening to Life With Motion, you can learn a lot about design and animation just in 20 minutes.

From leading artists to industry newbies, Eric Darnell and his guests are covering excellent examples of work and issues related to the industry.

Greyscalegorilla Podcast

Famous for his After Effects tutorials, Nick Campbell hosts educational podcasts with known guests from the industry, including Bradley G Munkowitz, David Brodeur and others.

Here you’ll find a lot of technical discussions and career insights of known guests.

Motion Hatch

Motion Hatch is a biweekly podcast hosted by Hayley Akins, covering various animators, motion designers and illustrators with their career paths.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll get a lot of fresh practical advises, career insights and common struggles of motion designers.

Looking for YouTube tutorials? Here’s the list of best resources to learn motion design on YouTube.

To Sum Up

If this guide was useful, check our Educational Blog - we create tutorials for motion designers, editors and animators. 

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