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Top 5 Vimeo Channels For Motion Graphics Inspiration

Looking for inspiration as a motion designer? We got ideas for you!Here’s the list of great Vimeo channels you can check for fresh and creative decisions.

Purely Motion Graphics

The Purely Motion Graphics channel is one of the most followed on Vimeo dedicated to the art of motion graphics. With a 15 years history, this channel has racked up nearly 24,000 followers.

Freshly shaped designs, recognizable styles and dozens of projects for inspiration - The Purely Motion Graphics is a channel you definitely need to check!

Established: 15 years ago

Channel Link:

Nice Type 

There are several channels on Vimeo dedicated specifically to the art of type animation. And Nice Type is likely the most popular with almost 117,000 followers and close to 1000 video examples.

Beautiful motion typography and kinetic type animations - you can also get submitted on Nice Type if they’d like your work!

Established: 15 years ago

Channel Link:

Wine After Coffee

In terms of content, anything and everything can be found in almost 5,600 videos. The only criteria seem to be that Wine After Coffee channel is well-made, creative, and generally unique.

Hand-picked videos by Wine After Coffee will make your day better and bring you new ideas for the next design! The channel is curated daily by 50 amazing moderators & animators and they also host a festival called Blend.

Established: 12 years ago

Channel Link:

Analog Motion Graphics

In the world of slick 3D renders, and precise 2D graphic animations, Analog Motion Graphics channel is a special place for those who use their hands and real-world elements like paper cutouts, ink, and water as a base for their graphic creations.

A channel dedicated to experiments in hand-crafted motion graphics, which looks very nice!

Established: 14 years ago

Channel Link:

Everything Animated

Everything Animated - is a great channel to get lost in. There is no shortage of ideas and unique perspectives showcased here, although you will find more pieces built around character animation than type or straight graphics. 

Everything Animated is one of our favorite channels around, fresh and enjoying - take time on checking each video they’ve picked!

Established: 15 years ago

Channel Link:


Still looking for more inspiration?

We suggest you to check out our blog to find more guides, tips and tutorials for editors and designers. Good luck with your creative work! 

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